Orange Ball of Light UFOs South of Pittsburg – February 9th 2012

Following a ORBL (Orange Ball of Light) sighting over Olympia Washington on February 8th, another from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On February 9, 2012 just after midnight, my husband and I and our neighbors saw these same yellow/orange lights in the sky. They were in groups of three,they kind of floated following each other and making a triangle formation. Then they would disappear.(we weren’t sure if they disappeared or went behind a cloud.) Then 3 more would follow. There were probably 15-20 in all. They were silent. We could not hear any engine or noises. This lasted about 15 minutes. We do not believe they were Chinese lanterns. Nothing was mentioned on the local news. Very interesting. We live in a small town south of Pittsburgh Pa.There was a full moon that night.

Are we seeing the start of a new 2012 ORBL flap?

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One thought on “Orange Ball of Light UFOs South of Pittsburg – February 9th 2012

  1. On Saturday night, April 7th, 2012, my 10 year old came running in the house at 8:50 pm or so from playing basketball in the driveway…he was frightened and said he had seen a HUGE orange (peach colored) round light in the sky west of the Pittsburgh Airport…he said it was silent and was there about 3 seconds as far as he could tell. He was really disturbed.

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