Mysterious Black Cat Seen In Allegheny County New York State

More mysterious large black cat reports from New York State, this one from Allegheny County, in south west New York. A previous sighting from Rockland County was from 2009.

Approximately 60 years ago in Allegheny County New York State, my brother and my Father and I had a large black cat (body about 3 feet long with an equal sized “s” shaped tail) in our back yard. My father did not believe me so we went outside an followed where we suspected it had gone which was a small spring run ditch. We walked within 30 yards when it raised up and we were close enough to hear it making rythmetic breathing or growling noises. It was jet black with no other markings. It was reflecting sunlight just like the black coat on a crow. It finally left the ditch ran about 50 yards and cleared a stump fence in one leap and disappeared in the trees. We attempted to put a coon hound on the track and he dropped his tail and went back to his house. He would have no part of that cat. My father has since passed on but my brother still lives near the area in New York. I love to see the “experts” claim this cannot happen.

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2 thoughts on “Mysterious Black Cat Seen In Allegheny County New York State

  1. I grew up in McKean County PA on the border of NY State.

    It was 30+ years ago when my father and me were driving up a mountain logging road during whitetail season.

    As we rounded a curve we immediately recognized what was in the middle of the dirt road not 50 feet in front of us. It was a large black panther.

    Somehow, it had been oblivious to our approach, but there was no doubt as to what we were seeing as it turned broadside. Cocking it’s head, it looked directly at us and then spun around and took off straight up the middle of the road. My father hit the gas hard and just as we were approx 20 feet behind, the big cat changed direction and shot over the edge of the road and into the valley scrub just as we were 5 feet away.

    I’ll never understand why the cat chose to run up the center of that road for the 5-7 seconds it did. Our eyes were glued to this magical animal up until it’s long black tail disappeared as our front fender finally got to where it had bolted over the berm. The brush/slashing was so dense that the cat vanished right away. We then spotted it once more for about 3 more seconds, but this time it was running full out and was at least 150 yards away.

    We estimated it’s speed (on the road) at approx. 30mph . Even with the overcast wintry day, you could see it’s coat was shiny and bright as it’s muscular legs worked to thrust it along. We were in awe by what we were witnessing as this beautiful cat ran effortlessly, knowing we’d never catch up.

    My father wasn’t the type to tell stories. He was a very serious man. When we got back to the hunting camp later that evening we told the story. The hunters knew my dad well and they knew what kind of man he was but not one of them would admit to believing us.

    I’ve told the story a few times in my life but my father never spoke of the panther again.

    At least I know in my heart and mind that these cats do roam the NE, no matter what any official body claims.

    Scott McMan

  2. Scott, so what is your take on reports from NY State? Do you subscribe to the nuts and bolts ‘circus escape’ theory? Or something a bit more… unexplainable?

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