More Mysterious Booms Heard In Wisconsin

The AP picked up a story of strange mysterious booms being heard around Clintonville Wisconsin. First heard on Sunday and Monday night, the sounds were heard again early morning Wednesday March 21st, 2012.

Whales In Space has reported on mysterious booms before, including a cluster almost exactly two years ago, heard in Colchester IL, Portland OR, and Bellingham WA.

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One thought on “More Mysterious Booms Heard In Wisconsin

  1. Mysterious Booms indeed… We are manufacturing our own apocalypse even now. Whatever is going on up there and under there cannot possibly be so easily explained away. I wonder if the truth is far from the conspiratorial mindset that someone is in the know. Maybe no one is in the know, and the terrified primates that we are just imagine that we have answers right up until the end.

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