Tales Of The White Thing

Since our post, The White Thing – Obion, Tennessee in 2009, several people have added comments, supporting the existence of such a creature.

i am from daysville tn i grew up on storyies about the white thing. My aunt said that one night she herd something outside so she looked the white thing was in the back of her truck playing with a chain. There was also the story an old man who heard somthing in his chicken coop grabbed his gun and went to investigate the white was eating eating his chickens I have also talked to people who has seen in past ten years one boy said that he thought he was the only who ever sa.w it. most people think that it was some thing that escaped from the knoxville zoo

I grew up in TN and my parents have told me a story about a “White Thing” in KY. They said they, and alot of other people, were parked at this clearing and they saw this thing come out of the woods and pick up a near by dumpster and dump out the contents. After they saw it do that, they all left when they saw it do that. I have been told this and they say it’s true. I believe them because they aren’t the kind of people to just lie.

Oddly, the first comment from 2011 says they are from ‘daysville tn’, but I believe Daysville is in Kentucky. Obion Tennessee is about 150 miles west of Daysville Kentucky.

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One thought on “Tales Of The White Thing

  1. I am from Eastern Kentucky, Johnson county. I grew up in the early seventies hearing stories about the White Thing. It was supposed to be a large apelike creature that walked on two legs. It was said to scream like a woman and most encounters were said to be near the river. I knew an elderly couple (in their seventies at the time) who told me about their encounter. It was supposed to have happened in the 1950’s, one night the couple’s dogs were stirred up something awful and before the husband could go outside to investigate, they saw a huge white creature standing outside the window. And it started scratching on the window. By the time the husband got his gun, it was gone. The next morning they actually found scratch marks deep on the glass of the window. Now this couple was a God fearing couple, who believed lying or even making up tales was the devils work. So I am convinced they did not make the story up and believed that it actually happened.

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