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This was left as a comment on an August 2009 post concerning the North Port Devil.

January 29, 2013

If, it is chronicled that aliens are visiting this Planet Earth; why does not every Council of all Nations meet? Can the head of every able Nation protest the inquiry of other beings capable on entering Earth with out acceptance or does the world Government hold a prejudice?

If, America as example hired and from real American tax paid dollars all Democrat wasted a cent on why strange lights or other un explained oddity was hovering over head defying logistics and physics earring women to fear is not acknowledged!!

Take the following moment and examine a real important Congress sober and life-to-life saga!!

In the rare Central Intelligence Agency or C.I.A. public release status One; the American President then holding Five-Star General Mr. George Samuel Patton; by the then head of the Pentagon Mr. Francis Michael Edwards; as in his rare disclosure for Democratic retirement from Official Duty said: …”The Washington UFO events of 1952 are not airtight.” Thus a new Project Grudge was enacted by The Congress and witnessed by The Pentagon!

While what curried worry was true to life and photographed reports of strange nocturnal blips of light registering heat and pulsing at ease! Moreover, civilians including local policing were real concerned and answer over 350-frantic calls!!

With more American witness; the book detailing this hysteria from a young writer then Mr. Lyndon Jerome Stanton compiled the Scotland Yard reports near to the tea. He wrote a amazing comparison on alien intervention from other bodily Planets not of Earth! What is stated on on Project Grudge properly and Officially known and Registered is the (American and later) Project Blue Book … “was rejecting via circular all reports …!!

What is verified is the following: The Pentagon appealed for all congressman to “target” all unknown enemy!! More important the Pentagon issued #1; alert to remove all aliens from entry near the Capitol White House!! Thus; and proven as American “know how;” and printed for all US and world wide public read: “INTERCEPTORS CHASE FLYING SAUCERS OVER WASHINGTON D.C.”

This Washington Post headline cooled worried women. However; not men!!

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