North Port Devil Critics Surface


What good is a flying dragon and alien encounter story without some controversy?, who originally ran the Alien sightings reported in North Port story posted ‘Alien sightings’ called a hoax last Friday, including paranormal investigator Eric Patterson’s quote “This is definitely a hoax, definitely a hoax”.

The North Port Devil story of alien encounters and ‘dragon’ sightings has drawn the attention of MUFON and various UFO and paranormal investigators.

Mike Rowley, owner of the home where the encounters occurred has stuck by his story.

Over the weekend, a commenter, identified only as ‘Me’, posted a link to the complete MUFON report of their investigation. We had previously posted only MUFON’s initial field investigation.

The full document paints a different picture, publishing angry emails from Rowley, as he expresses his frustration concerning how the investigation proceeded.

Parts of Rowley’s email read like sincere pleas as he asks for help concerning something truly frighting and other worldly, other parts rant about dragons and aliens in a somewhat paranoid manner.

I have a concern I need you to understand. I think my whole neighbor hood are dragons. One neighbor , not Paul has a dragon sticker on his truck. I have read a lot about dragons, they can be friendly IF you keep their secrets.remember when i first talked to you, this creature jumped up on our house right when I was calling Marylin. I got the message not to call her. but of course the next day i did.I have to live here with them and am afraid to cross them.Shane holding the camera to his eye could see a creature in that video of the eye in the woods…he says he can see an older grey.All the male neighbors are very strong, as dragons have great strength, i know the print in the ground is real I did not put it there and could pass a lie detector test.I have not seen a print like that anywhere. it resembles dragon prints.

Taken from the end of the report, the MUFON investigator’s conclusion

To date for obvious conflict of interest, no MUFON investigator or management has attended Mr. Rowley’s over night stay. These communications demonstrate the instability and lack of credibility of Michael Rowley (secondary witness) and guardian of Shane Rowley (primary witness). As agreed upon by the Florida MUFON state director G. Bland Paul, based on the actions and behavior Mr. Rowley demonstrated in e-mails depicted above and other means of communication, case number 17015 is completely out of the realm in which Florida MUFON is prepared to enter. It is the opinion of Florida MUFON this case be closed and deemed incomplete due to conflict of interest.

Case 17015 note; Shane Rowley’s testimony never changed and seemed to stay consistent throughout the case. Most of what Shane Rowley stated fit the description of a typical abduction case examples. This portion of the investigation will unfortunately not be examined or investigated further due to the interference of the father, Michael Rowley, and his unpredictable and unstable behavior.

Honestly, if my son was seeing aliens outside his window and dragons were buzzing my home, I might exhibit some ‘unpredictable and unstable behavior’.

Rowley turned to MUFON for help and was frustrated by the results.
He has invited anyone interested to come to his house on September 4th to watch for the North Port Devil.

He has updated his site with the following paragraph.

2 new video’s at you tube, type in north port devil

One video is interview with Mike K who describers the north port devil flying over head.

The other new one is Sue’s eyewitness account of a small cream colored alien, that is child like and child sized, playing hide and seek .

1/2 hour time slots are available starting now to witness these entities. No cameras or you wont see anything, must have a strong interest in the paranormal,and 2 only at a time. Every one come Sept 4th and park on the side of the road for a mile around my house. We know they are making appearances on purpose, a sign to me something big is really going to happen this coming full moon. Sue had a recorder, when she turned it off, the alien was more visible. I am sure the dragon, ( north port devil) is going to make himself known to all.

Please don’t litter or park in front of someone’s house. Critics who scour our streets and claim to be paranormal experts, like mufon and others, you will have your chance to get Photos on the 4th. If you wander around the other side of the north port devil’s woods with a camera now, you will see birds and squirrels and tell everyone there is nothing here.if you want to wander over there to really see something, leave you cameras home. they will be seen when they want to be seen. All science does not have to be photographs. Eye witnesses that see the same things is good too.

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8 thoughts on “North Port Devil Critics Surface

  1. Thank You for you story, it has been hell for us , we cant walk out side our neighbors think we are nuts thinking they were dragons, and my 16 year old son is refusing to go anywhere through fear people are going to make fun of him.You have really lifted our spirits.


    Mike Rowley

  2. “Rowley turned to MUFON for help and was frustrated by the results.”

    I have read the ‘crazy’ emails from Mike Rowley. I don’t see how a man expressing his frustration and anger about a situation that is actually quite frightening to someone he thought would help him, but didn’t, makes him crazy.

    I have no reason not to believe Rowley.

    There are plenty of things in this world I don’t pretend to understand.

  3. January 26th, 2010

    Mr. John Schuessler,
    MUFON International Director,
    The Mutual Mufon Network,
    World Headquarters,
    10143 West Chatfield Avenue,
    Unit 4, Littleton, Colorado,
    AMERICA 80127.

    Mr. Alexander Simon,
    Field Researcher Of UFO Interest World-Wide,
    Sir William Place,
    Suite #305C,
    8820-85 Street,
    Boonie Doon,
    Edmonton, Alberta
    CANADA T6C 3C2.

    Telus Telephone: #780-466-9719
    E-mail Address:

    Dear Mr. Schuessler:

    According to a rare book in my collection under “UFO CANADA;” a Yurko Bondarchuk has exemplified how an Air-Base well located here in upper North-Bay were contemplating the direction of the Wind-Tunnel-Sock for lab analysis for Landing Pattern. During and according to witness reply to The R.C.M.P. as outlined in written form and signed by Mr. Edwin Ron Rossell and then First Lt. Reg’ MacRae of Edmonton, Alberta that three discs, glowing blue spot-lighted their vehicle supplied by the then Military Authority of Central Ottawa whose league then was protecting the National security of the then Prime Minister who was nearby Missile site according to well known info’ forwarded by the Attache, Mr. Steven Drue, a famed chronicler of aerial observatory in Alien contact here!
    For defence and retaliation, six Mig-2s flew over-head firing 30 sorties barring The USA emblem; and during the rampage a Huston, Texas Zombie-22 ultra deltoid winged fighter shot 9 ‘scud’ like torpedos in air disabling the UFO closest to the Military site called 229-1a!
    Because of their bravery and heroism; 60 lives were spared and the Telex, an early kind of The Internet which was designed here in Capital City Alberta in 1941 by true same of valour full Roman Catholics as this Writer is truly Registered is in thanks for all the life saving of the Canadien Mint!!
    I thank all for their sincere respect in reading this true Article.

    Your truly,

    Mr. Alexander Simon.

  4. January 29, 2013

    If, it is chronicled that aliens are visiting this Planet Earth; why does not every Council of all Nations meet? Can the head of every able Nation protest the inquiry of other beings capable on entering Earth with out acceptance or does the world Government hold a prejudice?

    If, America as example hired and from real American tax paid dollars all Democrat wasted a cent on why strange lights or other un explained oddity was hovering over head defying logistics and physics earring women to fear is not acknowledged!!

    Take the following moment and examine a real important Congress sober and life-to-life saga!!

    In the rare Central Intelligence Agency or C.I.A. public release status One; the American President then holding Five-Star General Mr. George Samuel Patton; by the then head of the Pentagon Mr. Francis Michael Edwards; as in his rare disclosure for Democratic retirement from Official Duty said: …”The Washington UFO events of 1952 are not airtight.” Thus a new Project Grudge was enacted by The Congress and witnessed by The Pentagon!

    While what curried worry was true to life and photographed reports of strange nocturnal blips of light registering heat and pulsing at ease! Moreover, civilians including local policing were real concerned and answer over 350-frantic calls!!

    With more American witness; the book detailing this hysteria from a young writer then Mr. Lyndon Jerome Stanton compiled the Scotland Yard reports near to the tea. He wrote a amazing comparison on alien intervention from other bodily Planets not of Earth! What is stated on on Project Grudge properly and Officially known and Registered is the (American and later) Project Blue Book … “was rejecting via circular all reports …!!

    What is verified is the following: The Pentagon appealed for all congressman to “target” all unknown enemy!! More important the Pentagon issued #1; alert to remove all aliens from entry near the Capitol White House!! Thus; and proven as American “know how;” and printed for all US and world wide public read: “INTERCEPTORS CHASE FLYING SAUCERS OVER WASHINGTON D.C.”

    This Washington Post headline cooled worried women. However; not men!!

  5. What is the true meaning of a Unindentified Flying Object or UFO?

    Can a Witness to observation be rated by the Police or Military as a mere figment of observation? If so; why do the same reliable Reports agu ment the same real statement strange glowing or non turnal lights appear on Radar and blip to another window or void?? The truth is also in the hands of Presidents as the former President James Carter!! In his 1974; observation; in south USA; state over his farmland prior to Election strange glowing orbs were landing and zipping over head? Mr. President then to be radioed the America Mufon Centre for real insight and found two of his prize Jersey Cows were no longer munching home. The startled and often cool man of sober delivery summoned another monster on investigation the FBI!! Told no reports are available now…! The ardent and determined Mr. Carter set open to near by neighbours and held a Community League to reason where his top cows are!! During the meeting in ’74 more Orange beams or orbs landed and two top stallions were missing!!

    The headed debate was never answered!!

    Mr. Carter won Presidency later and vows UFOS exist and some may be a terror!!

    Mr. Carter won Presidency on his sober character!!

    This proves that those who find this subject a folly are either communist or criminal!!

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