InfraRed Abduction

What, if any, is the connection between the alien abduction phenomenon and the infrared portion of the light spectrum?

This question was recently raised by a contact form sent to Whales In Space.

Sent in by Alexander Simn

In, the “mind;” of all People is a ‘red;’ or frazzing field of magnet that attracts the Methane field, at, a “amazing;” velocity. The Infra-Red; can ‘detect;’ a ‘sonic-radiance,’ equal to; a ‘ultra-wild;’ phrase. The dream we all experience is a ‘lumber;’ or “state-of-calm.” The “reason;” abductions are Real is the Infra-Red can ‘scan.’ While People need “sleep” their ‘coding’ or voice for De-Oxygenic-Acid or DNA; re-Configured. One, “conclusive;” reason is the slumber. While ‘dream-travelling;’ People are new-Born. If; Research Scientists are awake; then is it not time to “assemble;” hard-Core and truly scientific FACTS??!! Written, by Alex Simon of Canada!!

I checked with Bridget Nielsen, California based Soul Memory Facilitator, Medium, Indigo Healer and Essence Painter, who has posted before on Whales In Space concerning abductions and ET/Hybrid children.

My memories on the ships were experienced in the ultraviolet light spectrum ~ I saw the Greys as purple glowing beings and very etheric because the Zetas are 4th Density (Though negatively oriented). My dad’s memories of them have been quite physical because whatever the person’s dominant beliefs filter their experience of them… More physical in his case.

Bridget also sent me this link, concerning infrared, Is infrared light a problem?.

Infrared has also been associated with Mothman and bigfoot in some sightings.

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One thought on “InfraRed Abduction

  1. The red lasers are the aliens trying to tell us of the imminent danger that is the chupacabra! The people must warn the Mexicans for they know how to defeat the Chupacabra!!!!!! SAYS BRAD CHAMBERLIN

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