Mothman Photographed In Arizona

Angel? Demon? Looks like Mothman to me.

Mothman sighted in Arizona

A photograph from Arizona shows a strange winged creature standing by the side of the road.

This is the second Mothman sighting in recent months, the last being in Point Pleasant in November.

InfraRed Abduction

What, if any, is the connection between the alien abduction phenomenon and the infrared portion of the light spectrum?

This question was recently raised by a contact form sent to Whales In Space.

Sent in by Alexander Simn

In, the “mind;” of all People is a ‘red;’ or frazzing field of magnet that attracts the Methane field, at, a “amazing;” velocity. The Infra-Red; can ‘detect;’ a ‘sonic-radiance,’ equal to; a ‘ultra-wild;’ phrase. The dream we all experience is a ‘lumber;’ or “state-of-calm.” The “reason;” abductions are Real is the Infra-Red can ‘scan.’ While People need “sleep” their ‘coding’ or voice for De-Oxygenic-Acid or DNA; re-Configured. One, “conclusive;” reason is the slumber. While ‘dream-travelling;’ People are new-Born. If; Research Scientists are awake; then is it not time to “assemble;” hard-Core and truly scientific FACTS??!! Written, by Alex Simon of Canada!!

I checked with Bridget Nielsen, California based Soul Memory Facilitator, Medium, Indigo Healer and Essence Painter, who has posted before on Whales In Space concerning abductions and ET/Hybrid children.

My memories on the ships were experienced in the ultraviolet light spectrum ~ I saw the Greys as purple glowing beings and very etheric because the Zetas are 4th Density (Though negatively oriented). My dad’s memories of them have been quite physical because whatever the person’s dominant beliefs filter their experience of them… More physical in his case.

Bridget also sent me this link, concerning infrared, Is infrared light a problem?.

Infrared has also been associated with Mothman and bigfoot in some sightings.

John Keel on David Letterman – July 28, 1980

On July 28th, 1980, John Keel appeared on the David Letterman show to discuss strange things falling from the sky, unidentified lake creatures, UFOs, sky quakes, bigfoot and more.

Call From Indrid Cold

In the The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel documented that several people received mysterious phone calls that only had beeping or loud screeching noises when they answered them during the 1966 Mothman Flap. Other calls were interrupted by static or disconnected entirely. The problems were not limited to phones, police radios and televisions were also affected in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966.

Other weird calls to Keel during this time were credit to Indrid Cold, sometime thought to be a Grinning Man, sometimes an alien, often telepathic, always creepy.

I got a odd call and message today, left on my (571) 24WEIRD voice mail.

Mothman Bus Tours has a great promo video of their limited time guided bus tour. Dates are January 30th, February 13th and February 27th.

Call the Reservation Request Line at (304) 812-5211 to reserve seats.

Tours feature:

  • Round trip to the TNT Area, including a visit to the site of the North Power Plant, scene of many original sightings in 1966, and a tour of abandoned igloos
  • During the trip, your tour guide will narrate the pivotal locations and scenes of Mothman encounters
  • Refreshments will be provided on the bus
  • Cameras are welcome, as there will be photo opportunities on the tour
  • All-weekend pass to the World’s Only Mothman Museum Certificate of completion, Mothman Search Team bumper sticker, and other goodies

Tour prices are $19.95 ages 12 and up, $14.95 for kids 11 and under.

The schedule and more info are online.

Promo video for the Mothman Tours, lead by author Jeff Wamsley – (“Behind the Red Eyes” & “Facts Behind the Legend”).- depart from Mothman Museum in downtown Point Pleasant, WV – and venture into the Mothman’s Nesting Site of the TNT AREA. For more info – visit Tour includes: Admission to the world’s only Mothman Museum, Bus tours into TNT Area where Mothman was sighted; silver bridge memorial site, down town Point Pleasant, Mothman Stature, Harris Steak House (Diner portrayed in Mothman Prophesies – located on Main Street); Walking tour off of bus into the TNT Area/Igloos; Site of the North Power Plant – aka “Birdhouse”, and much more!