Strange UFOs in the Northwest – James Clarkson at Lacey Library on Nov 2nd 2013

James Clarkson will be bringing his at ‘Strange UFOs in the Northwest’ presentation to the Lacey Library on Nov 2nd 2013.

Learn about developments in the field of UFO investigation across the country and right here. James Clarkson, career investigator and ufologist explores odd cases from the Northwest that may help describe the nature of non-human intelligence. Explore new discoveries in science and astronomy demonstrating that contact is not just possible, but just about certain to be in our future.

Clarkson is a Ufologist and State Director of the Mutual UFO Network in Washington State.

He is the author of Tell My Story, the June Crain Story. It is told in her own words, placed into the context of the history of the UFO Phenomena since World War II, as she worked in secret laboratories at Wright-Patterson AFB and has insider information about UFO Crashes, Alien Bodies, and how the Cover-Up works.

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