UFO Over Olympia, WA – April 2nd 2016

Strange object seen over Olympia, Washington on April 2nd, 2016.

Video by Adamus Lender.

“I was in Olympia and it was early morning. I got coffee through the drive-through and parked in the parking lot,” he said in a phone interview Monday night. “At first I thought it was a banner that planes fly around. But then I noticed there was no plane and it was hovering there. It twirled a couple times and went straight up in the clouds. I got a phone call and looked away for second and then looked back and it was gone.”

UFOs Over Olympia, Washington December 31st, 2013

Whales In Space kicks off 2014 right with a UFO report over our hometown. The report could be Chinese Lanterns from the behavior and the fact it was New Years Eve, but it is not our job to figure this out, just get the info out there.

The report was originally left as a comment on a February 8th, 2012 sighting post over Olympia in Western Washington.

Did anyone see the 2 orange lights in the clouds at around 9:30pm on December 31st, 2013, last night, over Olympia? One of them came from the north and then another from the northwest,both were traveling south then the first one kind of did a spinning twist gaining altitude then fading out. The second one continued south then faded away. It almost looked like 2 fog lights in the clouds, but they were moving way to slow to be an air plane, and there was no noise, so they could not have been 2 helicopters. Also the way the first one spiraled up was something a copter could not do. These lights were viewed near the I-5 bridge which is Capitol way where Olympia and Tumwater meet.

Strange UFOs in the Northwest – James Clarkson at Lacey Library on Nov 2nd 2013

James Clarkson will be bringing his at ‘Strange UFOs in the Northwest’ presentation to the Lacey Library on Nov 2nd 2013.

Learn about developments in the field of UFO investigation across the country and right here. James Clarkson, career investigator and ufologist explores odd cases from the Northwest that may help describe the nature of non-human intelligence. Explore new discoveries in science and astronomy demonstrating that contact is not just possible, but just about certain to be in our future.

Clarkson is a Ufologist and State Director of the Mutual UFO Network in Washington State.

He is the author of Tell My Story, the June Crain Story. It is told in her own words, placed into the context of the history of the UFO Phenomena since World War II, as she worked in secret laboratories at Wright-Patterson AFB and has insider information about UFO Crashes, Alien Bodies, and how the Cover-Up works.

Olympia Beer Offers 1 Million Dollars For Bigfoot

Olympia Beer, which no longer has anything to do with Olympia, Washington or the Pacific Northwest, has launched its Capture Bigfoot project, which offers 1 million dollars for the safe return of bigfoot.

The site offers the ability to enter a sighting or a capture report. Don’t forget the rules:

$1 Million Search For Bigfoot




If an eligible individual believes that he/she has found irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot in accordance with these Official Rules during the Contest Period, he/she must visit the website at www.OlympiaBigfoot.com (the “Website”) during the Contest Period, click on “Submit Capture Report,” complete the registration information required, provide a brief description of the evidence, check that you have read and agree to these Official Rules, and click on “Submit Capture Report.” Sponsor and/or a representative of same will contact all individuals submitting a Capture Report in compliance with these Official Rules within thirty (30) days of submission. Next steps will be determined by the Sponsor and/or a representative of same and/or the Judging Panel depending on the quality and type of evidence presented. Eligible entrants must follow all instructions of Sponsor and/or its representative in their entirety in order to have their evidence considered for the Prize. In the event an eligible entrant does not comply with the instructions of the Sponsor and/or its representative as directed, such eligible entrant will be disqualified.

The evidence required to qualify for a prize claim must be such as to satisfy a panel comprised of three (3) independent experts (the “Judging Panel”) as to the irrefutable existence of Bigfoot at some time during the period beginning January 1, 1989 through March 31, 2014. The Sponsor has the sole right to select the persons that will act as the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel’s decisions are final and binding as to all determinations made in relation to this Contest and the evaluation of all evidence. The Sponsor and/or Judging Panel may ask any person submitting a claim to send his/her samples and/or evidence to an independent third party selected by the Judging Panel and/or Sponsor for evaluation and/or testing. Such evaluation/testing shall be at the sole expense of the individual submitting such evidence, and Sponsor and/or Judging Panel may require any such expense to be paid in advance of such evaluation/testing being conducted. If any person submitting evidence refuses or fails to pay any such expense, their entry will be rejected and disqualified.

For purposes of this Contest, “Bigfoot” refers to a previously undiscovered species of upright, bipedal hominid, native to North America existing contemporaneously with the Contest Period or the twenty-five (25) year period immediately prior to the Contest Period. There is no set type or amount of evidence required to establish proof for purposes of this Contest other than that all evidence presented must satisfy the Judging Panel. Evidence may include, but is not limited to DNA Evidence. DNA Evidence may include hair, blood, tissue or saliva that proves the DNA sequence of the donor shows that said donor resides in the primate evolutionary family tree, among other apes or hominids, but does not have the same genetic markers and DNA sequence as any known species. Evidence may also include “Visual Proof” of a live physical body. Physical remains may be considered as evidence provided that it can be conclusively demonstrated that the date of death pre-dated the Contest Period. Visual Proof shall not include footprints, bone fragments, inconclusive skeletal remains, or any other non-definitive evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Any photo or video taken with photographic or video equipment is not sufficient to qualify as evidence in and of itself for consideration in the Contest, but may be considered as supporting evidence.


StubbyThe site does promote the The Falcon Project, which claims to be ‘The most penetrating search for Sasquatch/North American Ape ever conducted in North America.’

Olympia Beer hasn’t been made anywhere near Olympia Washington for almost 10 years, but MillerCoors/Pabst has kept the brand alive, profiting from the label. Olympia Beer is now manufactured by MillerCoors at a plant in Irwindale, California.

As an Olympia resident, friend of bigfoot, and once consumer of many Oly Stubbies, I find the whole thing a bit insulting. I next expect Portlandia to do a skit on it, taking some sort of credit for something else from Olympia.

UFO Over Battleground Washington

The Columbian posted a picture and article on March 26th concerning some unidentified lights reported over Battleground Washington, in the Southwest part of the evergreen state from Monday March 25th, 2013.

The photo is said to have been taken near the Best Western at 1419 W. Main Street Battleground.

Battleground is a small city of less than 20,000 residents in Clark County.

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There are no other reports of strange lights in the sky… that night, but Battleground and the surrounding area have had UFO reports in the past. The last major sighting of strange lights in Clark County, in November 2012, ended up coinciding with a celebration that used sky lanterns, which are like miniature hot-air balloons. Another sighting of strange lights in Clark County from March 2011 turned out to be a man flying a kite that was lit up with LEDs.

Report Of Black Balloon Cluster UFO Over Olympia, WA

Some time before 7:20 pm on Saturday February 21st, 2009, something first described as “four bunches of balloons” , black in color, was seen flying over Olympia, Washington, to the northeast.

The next day, I received a more detailed report.

Okay, so yesterday I was sitting in my room burning a cd when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I saw it through the french doors in our room. I opened them up and went outside. The best I can describe it (them) is that it was four things that looked kind of like balloon clusters. That’s the only thing I can think of, except really they didn’t look that much like balloons. So, four “things” that were floating across the sky – blackish-looking. They would come apart, but not very far apart – not all the way – and then come back together again. That’s why I say they were like balloon clusters. They all floated in the same direction and stayed pretty much the same distance apart the whole time I watched them. I didn’t hear any noise coming from them. They were pretty high up from what I could tell.

Black Balloon cluster UFOs have been reported before.

A sighting from Thursday, May 27th, 2004 described “a huge cluster of what appeared to be black balloons” adding “And then I noticed this cluster was animated. These individual black spheres comprising the cluster were moving like a cartoon. They were leapfrogging, swirling around each other, separating and coming back together, and possibly moving over the area at around 50mph.”

And another from a retired USAF Intel serviceman from 1996 with a very similar description.

Also, check out this video on YouTube, specifically the first clip from over Stirling City, UK .