“Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster”

Received November 10th, 2013.

Area Code 78728, Nov. 9 2013, 5:30pm Black Balloon Cluster

I feel lucky to have _finally_ been able to make sense of the bizarre daylight ufo I glimpsed briefly yesterday but had no opportunity to examine through more careful observation at the time. Thanks for providing this clearinghouse which enlightened me to the apparent cultural phenomenon wherein a cluster of black helium balloons is released. Only this explains perfectly what I saw, which I had been describing as a loose collection of about a dozen vaguely triangular shapes black in color seemingly “swarming” in a random ‘furball’ (an aviation term) high in the sky, perhaps at 5000 ft. estimated altitude. I had begun to wonder how I was going to possibly explain what I saw.

We have never implied that the Black Balloon Cluster UFOs are ‘black helium balloons’.

I believe ‘Area Code 78728’ is referring to zip code 78728, which would put this sighting somewhere over Austin Texas on November 9th, 2013.

This may be the same object reported in this MUFON case, except the MUFON report is almost 350 miles south of Austin.

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