Orange Balls Of Light Over Long Beach, California – July 3rd 2010

Multiple Orange Ball Of Light (ORBL) sightings reported from across the US on July 3rd 2010.

These were either sent in from the Whales In Space Contact Form or left as comments on other posts.

Russellville, Arkansas
Lime Rock, Connecticut
Easton, Pennsylvania
Brooklyn, New York

And now one from Long Beach.

I am located in Long Beach, California. The objects appeared quite a
distance to the west of my house, heading North, at around 10:20PM, July 3,
2010. There was a bright orange/red object that appeared round in shape,
but looked like a light glaring from the distance, in that it didn’t have a
definite shape. We didn’t notice how the first appeared, but noticed it
shortly after it appeared, judging by where the next two would then appear.
It tracked from the South heading in a slow unsteady path North for about
20-25 seconds when the second object seemed to just appear where we had
noticed the first object. They seemed to be traveling the same course, at
the same speed, keeping an exact distance between themselves. They
proceeded on their course for approximately another 25-35 seconds when the
first object faded into the darkness. It faded over a period of about 5
seconds. They second object kept following the path of the first for what
seemed to be an equal length of time as the delay between their appearance.
Then it too faded into the darkness at the same spot as the first. Shortly
after, perhaps 30-45 seconds later, a third object appeared. It was the
same as the first two in appearance and appeared to be traveling at the
same rate of speed. It seemed to just appear, as did the second. And
seemed to follow the same slow and randomly indirect course, until it too
faded into the darkness at the same destination. We continued to watch the
sky for another couple of minutes, but did not see any other appearances.