Orange Balls Of Light Over Long Beach, California – July 3rd 2010

Multiple Orange Ball Of Light (ORBL) sightings reported from across the US on July 3rd 2010.

These were either sent in from the Whales In Space Contact Form or left as comments on other posts.

Russellville, Arkansas
Lime Rock, Connecticut
Easton, Pennsylvania
Brooklyn, New York

And now one from Long Beach.

I am located in Long Beach, California. The objects appeared quite a
distance to the west of my house, heading North, at around 10:20PM, July 3,
2010. There was a bright orange/red object that appeared round in shape,
but looked like a light glaring from the distance, in that it didn’t have a
definite shape. We didn’t notice how the first appeared, but noticed it
shortly after it appeared, judging by where the next two would then appear.
It tracked from the South heading in a slow unsteady path North for about
20-25 seconds when the second object seemed to just appear where we had
noticed the first object. They seemed to be traveling the same course, at
the same speed, keeping an exact distance between themselves. They
proceeded on their course for approximately another 25-35 seconds when the
first object faded into the darkness. It faded over a period of about 5
seconds. They second object kept following the path of the first for what
seemed to be an equal length of time as the delay between their appearance.
Then it too faded into the darkness at the same spot as the first. Shortly
after, perhaps 30-45 seconds later, a third object appeared. It was the
same as the first two in appearance and appeared to be traveling at the
same rate of speed. It seemed to just appear, as did the second. And
seemed to follow the same slow and randomly indirect course, until it too
faded into the darkness at the same destination. We continued to watch the
sky for another couple of minutes, but did not see any other appearances.

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36 thoughts on “Orange Balls Of Light Over Long Beach, California – July 3rd 2010

  1. My friends and I saw the red/orange objects in the sky last night, July 3 right around 10pm in Terryville CT. There were at least six or seven traveling the same speed in a line. They were not very far in the distance and at first we thought it was ambers from nearby fireworks that were going off. They seemed to come from the exact spot were the fireworks were going off. There were three in a perfect triangular shape and the other 3 or 4 were in front and behind the triangle. We chased them down the road until 1 by 1 they disappeared. I was able to take pictures of them with my iphone. The pictures did not look like much until we zoomed in on them. They have distinct shapes to them where as to look at them live last night they just looked like balls of light. A friend of ours who was in Wolcott CT about 15-20 minutes away saw them just a couple minutes after us. We asked him to discribe what he was seeing, it was the same thing!!! At that ponint we knew that we had just seen something unexplainable. Did they come to watch the fireworks?????????

  2. i just saw one about an hour ago! it looking like a hot air balloon you know glowing slightly on the top with a flickering light on the bottom. but it was moving way to fast like commercial jet liner fast. then the top glowing part faded away and all i saw was the flickering light but then it got brighter and went away really fast. it was at 9:14 pm

  3. My wife and I saw a bright orange light in the sky during a fireworks display in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I noticed it approximately 10:15pm and it didn’t stay long after. It disappeared much too quickly to be an airplane or helicopter. I overheard one lady mention you were supposed to be able to see the space station around this time orbiting Earth – I have not looked into this possibility. If they came for the fireworks, they left because they were disappointed in the display.

  4. We saw the same exact thing at about 10 PM this evening! we live in Beatrice NE, USA they were heading west and were at first in a triangular formation. They then moved to a line. When they appeared they seemed to come from no where! i thought it was nothing until i looked this up and realized i am not the only person seeing these objects! People all over the world are having these sightings and they are soo unexplainable! i need to know more. All together we seen four of the objects. they seemed to disappear in the same spot as the others and dimmed one by one also

  5. Saw them fly over Long Beach, CA at 9:15 PM! Same thing. They appeared in a line and disappeared after flying across the harbor. About 20-25 of them.

  6. I saw a “UFO” today this evening also (July 4.) After I was walking home from seeing the fireworks in Long Beach CA. It was a disked shape to me with orange in the sides and it was rotating. It had a light on the top that flickered on and off.

  7. damn i normally dont post on forums however what we saw fits the exact descriptions of whats posted here. about 930 pm over Chicago we saw about 9 lights suddenly appear from the horizon 1 by 1 flying at a very consistent speed they lasted for about 1 minute about 20 of us saw them and just watched in awe as they disappeared over lake Michigan

  8. My boyfriend and i also saw them in Durant, Oklahoma. I’m excited to see people from all over also saw them. 🙂

  9. Hi, we live in Ottawa Ontario Canada, and we saw 3 of these exact same objects when we were camping about 180mile west at a provincial park. We saw one at a time, fly directly over our heads 3 times, and they were travelling at a pretty good spped, very straight path. We thought that it was a satellite coming out of orbit we didn’t see it pass more than 3 times. We were camping so the night sky was pitch black, and we usually see satellites passing over head, which are up in space and look like fast moving stars, but this orange ball was flickering, looking like it was burning up coming in our atmosphere and was much closer to the earth. Passing right over our heads we had a great view of this object, but there was no sound at all coming form it…..i wonder if any government sites will confirm they had any satellites coming out of orbit that night?

  10. My wife and I were watching fireworks with her family, when we saw 2 of these fiery orange objects pass overhead. About 2 minutes later we saw 3 more traveling in a triangular formation. They went much faster than a plane that was flying in the sky and were much slower than a shooting star. No noise! It was a clear night so we really didn’t know what their altitude was. Very freaky!!!

  11. My Brother, a friend and Myself saw a bright orange ball in the sky July, 3 at about 9:15 pm. It was about 150 ft off the ground, hovering over Moore lake in Fridley, MN (Minneapolis). It remained motionless for about 45 seconds, then dimmed in about 2 seconds. VERY bright. Space station glare = BS. Peace.

  12. Im in England. I have just seen something fitting these descriptions going across the sky. (10th July 23:05 GMT)

  13. i seen one of these muther fuckers yesterday. july14, 2010. for those who know long beach real good or live in long beach, i seen this shit right on top of the pch canal. i was a few blocks away and drove to pch and daisy, before you know it, this bitch took off straight torward the ocean. i mean this shit took off REAL fkn fast. crazy shit man.

  14. I saw one of these last night in Washington, Iowa. I was freaking out in the car…. I was driving! It was just an Orange ball of light that went over the highway real low and then proceeded upward. It was very slow moving though almost as though it was floating! Very strange!

  15. I saw the same thing last night around 10.15 in Southampton England. I pointed it out to my husband and he stopped the car. I thought it was a plane at first as we live near the flight path, but it was just hovering and not moving. I went home and got the camera, but by the time i went back outside i could just make it out in the distance. I didn’t seee any morem, but it was quite exciting.

  16. We were in Warrens Wisconsin we we saw those orange/red the first night we saw them was July 30 and then on the 31st and yes they were real


  18. Beatrice Nebraska.july 4th.bout 10 pm.Me and my friend were drivin wen we saw 3 red glowing circles in the sky. i stopped in the middle of the road.i stopped the car next to me to make sure we werent just seeing things and he sat and stared at it to.they were in a triangular shape.they disapeared after bout 20 seconds.weird.!!!space station my @$$.BS. somethings out there!!

  19. I’m in Long Beach CA. Yesterday 17th August at 9-30 pm I saw 7 lights – orange going across the sky. They went right over our head. We were driving and thought they were planes at first. But there was no sound. They gradually faded out right over our head and as they did we looked up and could see the kite shaped objects moving in the same direction – just the black sillouette moving. They were moving at relatively the same speed. They were moving pretty slow well I say slow. They were in the sky for a good minute. It was an amazing sight to see. I still don’t know exactly what it was. Also like I just read above it wasn’t in space, it was in my sky in Long Beach CA. I’m guessing it was a meteor shower even though I could see the black thing moving after it went out. That was eerie. email me and let me know if you have footage so I can sleep! What the F… is going on!!

  20. Cypress CA this morning, at three am, just over an hour ago, I and several of my friends saw this exact ball again. It moved in a L shape, stopped and remained in a static position for a long duration, then moved back in almost the exact same path, dropping what looked like embers, glittering like fireworks, as it continued to travel what appeared to be farther away before disappearing entirely, like it vanished into nothing. The entire occurrence seemed to have lasted about 5 or so minutes. We were a group of 4 people all watching this at the same time.

  21. My name is Davie Garden from Glasgow, Scotland, i’m 58 now but when I was 14 and my friend Charlie Kerr was 13, we witnessed an orange ball in the sky. It was travelling slowly around 100 to 130 metres in front of us at a height of about 12 metres. It moved slowly over the tree line as if it was monitoring the area, it hovvered for few seconds then moved forward again. It would have been approximately 2 metres in diameter and was slowly moving towards us. When it got to within about 30 metres we turned and ran into my house which was behind us some 10 metres away. when we got inside we looked out of the window but could see nothing. We went back outside but it had gone. I just thought I’d share that with you when I found this site.

  22. Me and my friend were outside and we saw like fiery balls in the sky and they were flickering and we looked in the binoculars and we saw like white blimps in the sky that were on fire but they were not blimps because they were traveling to fast and to high they were going just as fast if not faster than an airplane does anyone know what they are if so please reply. the date is 12/18/10 at 9:30 is when they were in the sky and they were like 30 of them following each other and they were like going straight to the moon.

  23. I seen them NEw Years evening, one came to my window, sound of PD helicopter made me look outside because it was following the orange orb at side of my house,,i realized later it wanted me to follow it to riverbed,,things happend which made me go there,,,then after prayer and meditation two other orbs came from the south,,all lights had gone out from local places,,mist was heavy,,,type of vortex formed above me,,,i was trying to get them to follow me,,my mistake they wanted me to follow them to a south direction,,God help me to figure this out,,i Know they are here to help me.

  24. Please call me if anyone is having like an elevated state of mind,,or has become extremely smart,,or if anyone has learned how to do special tricks 562 513 4115 or if you are just doing a lot of good in the world and have faced much trials,,,we may be able to help one another.

  25. I am from Long Beach Ca where this took place I see other objects in sky daily ,,,during day they bring in something that cause clouds to form and linger so at night they are not seen by the masses i believe. They can manipulate the weather easily. I believe… Lord help me bless Andreas and Marian my children

  26. My fiance and i just saw one large ball of light which appeared to be a huge flame at about 9:30 p.m. Friday February 11, 2011. It was very huge and seemed to be moving very fast. It was a bright orange light resembling a ball of fire in the sky.

  27. I too saw a bright orange ball but it was not moving at all. At first I thought it was a planet but seemed extremely large so I called to my husband to take a look to see if he knew. Before he could get to the door, the ball’s color disappeared and 3 lights appeared & nothing else and almost instantly they decreased in size and disappeared. Almost like it turned and moved very very fast away from me.
    I am still going over it in my mind and have no idea what I actually saw. It was in the 2nd week of April 2011 at around 10 at night.
    I actually feel good to know others saw it too.

  28. I forgot to mention that this took place 20 minutes west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Just outside of Arnprior, Ontario.

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