Senior Obama adviser Podesta on UFOs

Former senior Obama adviser John Podesta expressed his regrets about being unable to secure the disclose of UFO files, saying it was his biggest failure of 2014.

Podesta took to twitter with his statement.

1. Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere cc: @NYTimesDowd

Podesta is a long time xfiles supporter. He has spoken on the topic multiple times and written the forward to the 2010 book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record.”

Chinese Media Makes Obama – UFO Alien Connection

The Chinese National Television Xinhua News is reporting that US President Obama will announce that the US has some form of relationship with Aliens and UFOs, possibly disclosing that the US has known about them for a while and possibly more.

Of course my Chinese still needs some work, so I’ll borrow the translations from where I first saw this.

Obama actually an alien visiting Earth have confessed? 2011 年 01 月 04 日 15:07:55 Source: 深圳衛視 Shenzhen Satellite TV

UFO AllNewsWeb gossip site claims, the U.S. Department of Defense, “Advanced Research Projects Administration” (DARPA) has acknowledged that President Obama will be finalized in a speech indirectly admitted that aliens may be trying to contact people on earth, and governments in 3 years directly recognized in the Earth and the aliens have been exposed.

The story has been picked up by other media outlets
Millions Of Chinese Stunned After Government Makes Obama UFO Statment

Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens remain stunned today after China’s official government television news station Xinhua made their unprecedented January 4th announcement that the American President, Barak Obama, was preparing to announce to the world the existence of extraterrestrial races currently on our planet and fueled by what they called was a “extraterrestrial disclosure race” now developing between China and the US.

And all of it with a healthy 2012 Doomsday twist

“Now to fully understand what this Global catastrophe is all about one must look at exactly what the ancients wrote about it, and can be summarized as follows:

1.) Every few thousands years (3,500-5,000) a planetary size “object” sojourns through our Solar System causing chaos among the Planets.

2.) The timing of this mysterious objects appearance coincides with a human population grown so large and powerful it begins to threaten all other life on Earth.

3.) The events preceding this mysterious objects return include social upheaval, world wars, mass animal deaths and powerful Superstorms.

4.) The culminating event is this mysterious object coming so close to Earth that our planet’s rotation is stopped, reversed and re-started causing massive earthquakes and tidal waves that wipes out nearly all human civilization.

5.) Both immediately prior to and following the cataclysmic destruction of Earth the “gods” return to save a remnant of humanity and help it rebuild a shattered Earth.”

With Obama knowing that the ancient “gods” are returning to Earth to, once again, help protect humanity from the coming destruction of our planet he is, likewise, pitted against those in his own government intent upon keeping the truth from his people, and as evidenced by a recently released secret US State Department cable to their embassy in Ukraine which said: “It is critical all embassy staff understand that they are not to discuss under any circumstance concerns DOD [US Department of Defense] has with UFOs entering orbit, once again the seriousness of this matter cannot be overstated”.

Now we have a reason to watch the State Of The Union Address.

Jets Responding To "Unknown Aircraft" Cause Mystery Booms Over Western WA

When we see “Unknown Aircraft”, we cry UFO.

A pair of mystery booms that were reported from Seattle to Chehalis Washington have been credited to several F-15 fighter jets breaking the sound barrier while responding to an “Unknown Aircraft” that had breached restricted airspace set up protect President Obama while he was visiting Seattle on August 17th.

While we wait for the FAA to tell us the “Unknown Aircraft” was a balloon, a kite, or some poor guys in a pontoon plane, we’re sticking with the UFO theory.

UFO at Obama's Inauguration

Two million people gathered in Washington DC for the swearing in and Inauguration hoopla of the United States forty-fourth president, Barack Hussein Obama. Countless millions of others watched on TV and on this day, one of the most watched events in history, a UFO flew over Washington DC.

The clip is from CNN footage, anchors Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are discussing President Obama’s historic speech, before cutting to a shot of the scene of Washington DC’s Capitol. The shot of the crowed breaking up then cuts to the mall and small dark object is seen flying in front of the Washington Monument.

Below is the CNN footage. The UFO is in the first shot of the Washington Monument, about 10 seconds in.

Even Fox News got in on this story, linking to a YouTube Video that analyzes the the CNN video of the object.

Threat To Kill Obama On Leads To Arrest

Steven Joseph Christopher left three posts on a message board threating to kill president-elect (for the next hour) Barack Obama “as a sacrificial lamb”.

“It’s not because I’m racist that I will kill Barack, it’s because I can no longer allow the Jewish parasites to bully their way into making the American people submit to their evil ways.”

Christopher, who is from Wisconsin but was arrested in Brookhaven, Mississippi, could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if found guilty.

“Threats against the president-elect will be taken very seriously,” Dunn Lampton, U.S. attorney for the southern district of Mississippi, said in a release. “Use of Internet chat rooms to express those threats is as much a crime as uttering the words. Threats of this nature will be pursued swiftly and vigorously.”