UFO Over Battleground Washington

The Columbian posted a picture and article on March 26th concerning some unidentified lights reported over Battleground Washington, in the Southwest part of the evergreen state from Monday March 25th, 2013.

The photo is said to have been taken near the Best Western at 1419 W. Main Street Battleground.

Battleground is a small city of less than 20,000 residents in Clark County.

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There are no other reports of strange lights in the sky… that night, but Battleground and the surrounding area have had UFO reports in the past. The last major sighting of strange lights in Clark County, in November 2012, ended up coinciding with a celebration that used sky lanterns, which are like miniature hot-air balloons. Another sighting of strange lights in Clark County from March 2011 turned out to be a man flying a kite that was lit up with LEDs.

New Black Balloon Cluster Sighting From 2004 – Skyway WA

On a warm and clear evening in the summer of 2004, three individuals were on 125th Street South in Skyway, Washington when they saw an unidentified object approximately 200 feet away, across the street and across a parking lot. Skyway is about 12 miles south of Seattle.

Map supplied by witness of black balloon cluster UFO

The object’s description matches that of previously reported black balloon cluster UFOs.

The object was only several feet off the ground and described as moving very smoothly. They watched for several minutes before the object floated away.

While not limited to Western Washington, the majority of the sighting so far have taken place in the Pacific Northwest.

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Jets Responding To "Unknown Aircraft" Cause Mystery Booms Over Western WA

When we see “Unknown Aircraft”, we cry UFO.

A pair of mystery booms that were reported from Seattle to Chehalis Washington have been credited to several F-15 fighter jets breaking the sound barrier while responding to an “Unknown Aircraft” that had breached restricted airspace set up protect President Obama while he was visiting Seattle on August 17th.

While we wait for the FAA to tell us the “Unknown Aircraft” was a balloon, a kite, or some poor guys in a pontoon plane, we’re sticking with the UFO theory.