The Beast of Bray Road And The Michigan Dogman

The Beast Bray Road - 2005 - Directed by Leigh Scott
The Beast Bray Road - 2005 - Directed by Leigh Scott

Something is crawling through the northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan woods. At this point, its almost impossible to separate the real reports and sightings, from the hoaxs, from those looking to use local legends to promote songs, books, and movies. Its all those elements, rolled into one werewolf like creature that occasionally pops out of no where to terrorize a hunter, camper, or other witnesses that is the Beast of Bray Road And The Michigan Dogman.

The recent Beast of Bray Road reports start in the early 1980s, with a report of a creature on a rural road outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Local media picked up the story, more sighting came in and the Beast of Bray Road became the “American Werewolf”, with it own specialists, books, MonsterQuest episodes and profiles and even movies.

Then add in the The Michigan Dogman. Steve Cook, Traverse City radio personality and chronicler of the Dogman since 1987, released a weird 3 minute video thru the Creative Commons license, that is claimed to have bought it at a garage sale.
Full credit back to Mindstage Productions.

“What you are about to see is an enhanced digital version of the original 8mm film. This is the third and most labor intensive enhancement to date. Not much happens for the first 2.5 minutes, but it does help establish the timeline. The interesting parts of the film begin when the camera perspective moves to the inside of the truck.”

And then weirder yet with this video, which runs like a spooky follow up to the original video. The person who posted the video claims the victim’s name was Aaron Gable. I presume that is the top half of him we see in the red plaid shirt at 50 seconds.

The website, has a short list of encounters going back to 1936.

Maybe an undiscovered variety of wild dog, like a waheela?
Bigfoot’s cousin? Batsquatch‘s uncle?
Or a hoax, based on a wives tale, adapted from a myth?