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Chupacabra Christmas

In preparation for Christmas, I present to you the Ice Skating Chupacabra Christmas Tree Ornament.

For only six bucks and free shipping, this 5 inch tall 3 inch wide ice skating goatsucker can hang on your tree. And look carefully, big foot watches from behind a tree.

Check out more at FullFrogMoon, operated by Kim Harris, an artist residing in Laramie, Wyoming, including:

Bigfoot Christmas Tree Ornament
Bigfoot has been sighted with increasing frequency in the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest. Now, he can lurk among the deep branches of your own tree.

Bigfoot measures 5″ from top of hanger to bottom and is 3″ wide. He has a convenient hanger for attachment to the wall or Christmas tree.

Each piece is unique and is initialed and dated by the artist. Colors on the back of the ornament vary.

Shipping via USPS First Class is free within the United States.

Space Aliens and Saucer Christmas Ornament
Experts in forestry management have been stumped by the clear cutting of trees in very remote regions of the Pacific Northwest, given that there are no roads that could have been used to transport illegally harvested logs out of the area.

Recent investigations by amateur UFO sleuths have revealed the startling truth: Space aliens are responsible for the tree cutting! Here, Vardar and Bousbong guide their saucer back to their home planet with a handsome Earth tree to decorate in time for the holidays.

This ornament measures 4″ from top of hanger to bottom and is 5″ wide. It is decorated with multicolored faux gems that represent the saucer’s proton driven propulsion system

Each piece is unique and is initialed and dated by the artist. Colors on the back of the ornament vary.

It ships nested on a bed of cotton in an elegant 8 1/8″ by 5 5/8″ silver faux linen box suitable for gift giving.

Shipping is free within the United States.

One of these would be the perfect gift the cryptozoologist on your Christmas list.

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2 Responses

  1. King Dinosaur

    I want one of those chups…

  2. gotta love the Chupacabra stories, not so easy to remember that word tho

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