The Legend Of Boggy Creek

In 1972, Charles B. Pierce, an ad salesman from Texarkana borrowed $160,000 from a trucking company to make “The Legend Of Boggy Creek“. The movie is part documentary with interviews and part dramatic reenactments of reports of the “Fouke Monster” from those who have crossed the monsters path. A strong narrative by Vern Stierman tells the story of the residents of Fouke, Arkansas and the three toed bigfoot like creature that haunts them from the remote swamps and bayous of southern Arkansas.

The music by Jaime Mendoza-Nava is wonderful, obviously written especially for the film, the local folks names are worked into the chorus of the early 70’s folkie tunes.

Characters like Herb Jones (played by himself) who lives in the ‘bottoms’ and walks with a limp after shooting part of his own foot off in a ‘boating accident’ builts a sincere and honest tale. Herb, who lives 14 miles by boat from his nearest neighbor, says there is no Monster in those woods, but many reports going back to the 1940s by other Fouke residents says different.

Crys, growls, and screams from the swamp can still be heard, along with sightings. In 1997 there were over 40 reported sightings, according to Rickie Roberts, Fouke’s unofficial monster spokesman.

The films offers a spooky and creepy account of the monster sightings and captures the wildlife of the area wonderfully.

If you are ever down by Fouke, keep your eyes open.

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