Popular Mechanics Helps With Your UFO Hunting and Reporting

Published in the March 2009 issue and posted online, Popular Mechanics brings you U.S. Map of the Top UFO Hotspots and How to Report a Sighting.

How kind of them.

Popular Mechanics consulted the Center for UFO Studies, which maintains a database of sightings reported from 1947 to 2005 and compiled the reports into some handy stats of hotspots of previous UFO sightings.

Reported UFO Incidents (1947-2005)
Major Metro Counties
1 Los Angeles, CA: 1346
2 King, WA: 621
3 Cook, IL: 468
4 Maricopa, AZ: 424
5 San Diego, CA: 348

Less Populated Counties
1 Westmoreland, PA: 396
2 Saguache, CO: 263
3 Santa Rosa, FL: 242
4 Yakima, WA: 227
5 Rockingham, NH: 183

They then excuse the frequency of sightings to military training and previous geographical high profile UFO reports.

Then they suggest you ask your self three questions before calling you local UFO group or emailing us.

  1. Is it Venus?
  2. Is it a military exercise?
  3. Is it an Earthling’s spaceship?

If you answered “WTF? I’m not an idiot!” to any of these three questions, you saw a UFO.

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2 thoughts on “Popular Mechanics Helps With Your UFO Hunting and Reporting

  1. LOL…indeed, we are NOT idiots.
    LOVE the post, thank you!

    For the latest in worldwide UFO News, Videos and Views at the speed of Twit follow IQXS…tinfoil hats, optional!

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