Now Mystery Booms Heard In New York

Now noises, very similar to several booms heard over California last week, are being reported from Rockland and Westchester Counties New York.

And let us not forget the sonic boom that was reported on February 15th in the area of the Texas Fireball.

Windows rattle at 5:15 am Monday, March 9th in Rockland County. Nanuet resident Keith Wallenstein said the mysterious noise woke him up and sounded like someone had flown an F-16 over his house.

A Mount Kisco woman says she was looking out her window around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. She saw a brilliant yellow object streaking through the sky.

Early Saturday Morning, local police took calls as flurry of reports came in from people in Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, Tuckahoe, Eastchester and Bronxville of concerned folks reporting a loud booming noise.

Weather officials say there was no thunder in the area at the time and no explanation has been given.

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5 thoughts on “Now Mystery Booms Heard In New York

  1. august 12, 2010 around 10:30 and again just after midnight several booms heard by me in Laguna Niguel CA. Sounded like bombs or sonic booms coming from the sky possibly over the ocean. Possibly maneuvers at Marine Base???

    This shook not only the windows but the entire house and continued for 10-15 minutes. People came out of the house to look at they sky. The sounds came one too three at a time. Like bombs landing? But very deep sounds, reminded me also of Jurassic Park movies.

    I actually drove to a good vantage point but could see nothing. No sounds of police or other emergency responders. That was around 10:45. At around midnight I heard it again a few times.

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