Wisconsin UFO Video

WKBT out of La Crosse reports that Zach Rueckheim and his father got over 11 minutes of shakey dark video footage of an UFO over Monroe County Wisconsin last Saturday night. The video is embedded below.

The object changed colors from green to red as they watched it for almost a half hour from their farm outside of Sparta.

“I have no idea. It could be a goverment thing, I don’t know, it could be aliens. I have no idea,” says Zach Rueckheim.

Gordon Stewart, director of the UW-La Crosse Planetarium, went on record saying “I don’t think it’s a meteor. I don’t think it’s a comet. No comet I’ve ever seen behaves like that. I don’t think it’s a satellite because a satellite would move regular. I could suspect first by its behavior of being a weather balloon.”

National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities does send out weather balloons twice a day, so there’s a possibility it could be something from their office. But he says he’ll checking, just to make sure he knows exactly what it was.

The National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities sends out weather balloons twice a day. Weather balloons can get up to 100 feet across when they’re in the atmosphere, so they could be easy for people to spot.

Would a weather balloon be visible at night?

WKBT News Clip

Raw footage

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