More UFOs Over Peterborough UK

Since last summer, Peterborough has been having reports of unexplained flying objects and mystery lights in the sky.

Reports in August were said to be the recently restored Vulcan bomber doing test flights over the area.

In October, a fireball streaked across the. It was excused as a “unusually large” meteor. November followed with more sighting and reports, these also explained as more Vulcan flights.

In January, The Evening Telegraph reported other unexplained lights at about midnight on New Years Days. It took several days for the story to come out to credit a family setting off Chinese lanterns as the cause of these unexplained lights.

Weird things in the sky continued.

On the night of April 8th, an odd craft was seen circling the area. It was later explained as a airplane with “thermal imaging equipment” collecting data on energy usage of homes.

Which all brings us to May 3rd, with more unexplained lights in the sky over Peterborough.

Multiple reports of 8 to 10 lights put the objects in the sky a little after 10pm, “We all got out to look but there was no noise, a clear sky and these objects seemed to be heading towards Whittlesey.”

A witness from Orton Longueville stated, “They were quite low down and all floating together. They were an orange and yellow color and looked like candles floating. There was no noise coming from them. We tried to take pictures but nothing came out on the camera and the lights floated towards Orton Hall Hotel.”

Oddly enough, these descriptions don’t match another that was reported the same night, “My daughter spotted these strange lights in the sky and phoned me. I had a look and, although faint, a beam of light could be seen coming from the Peterborough area. It was obviously someone shining a very strong light on to the low cloud base. UFOs – rubbish.”

So six different UFO ‘events’ over Peterborough since August of last year. Explained away as test military flights, meteors, Chinese lanterns, airplanes, and lights on clouds.

Seems a bit suspicious to me.

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9 thoughts on “More UFOs Over Peterborough UK

  1. these apparant lights over p,borough were barry fry throwing his free happy meal toys into the skies over cambridgeshire

  2. Me and my family sat and watched about 80 to a 100 orange strange lights fly over gateshead. They were comin from all over the place. But went in the same direction headin north forming a line x

  3. 11.25 pm 26th June 2009
    Two orange orb lights floating in the sky one in front of other. First one stopped and seemed to wait for the second one then they were still for a couple of minutes. One disappeared and then after another minute the second one disappeared. took photos. Goodmayes Essex.

  4. this evening (25th july 2009) at about 10pm me and a couple of people were at the dog track when we notice that over the turbines in whittlesey were 8 to 10 lights. these lights were the same as described as seen on the 3rd may earlier this year. and as described they were bright yellow red lights making a sort of orange and again no noise.
    The only difference we saw then what was saw on the 3rd that was these lights were leaving from the whittlesey direction and heading towards Eye way. it also seemed that the lights were ascending from whittlesey and going higheras ther turned to Eye.
    Any explanation would be great thanks.

  5. More orange balls seen over Walton area in Peterborough last evening 22/08/10. Lighting up the sky and moving off towards the east at very high speed. Returned at least four times, only to shoot off again. Several family members witnessed this. Certainly not street lamp reflections, lazers, helicopters, chinese laterns, hot air balloon burners, aircraft lights, fuel dumping, afterburners etc. These were like mini suns and quick. Orange balls have been reported around this area for many many years, be interested to hear if anybody has a plausible explanation. The marsh gas & weather balloon apologists need not reply !

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