Orange Ball Of Light UFO Over Crookston, Glasgow

From a recent comment on Whales In Space

last night on the 17th of december 2010 i seen an orange ball of light around the Crookston area of Glasgow did anyone see this, ive also noticed some strange lights in the sky that are a lot diffrent from the orange balls with a lot of diffrent activity one sighting included two white lights coming from quite a far distance apart one from the left one from the right when they met in the middle they seemed to disapear this was in fact not the last time i would see this activity i used to watch and see the same thing happen almost every other week. people dont seem to notice these lights i think a lot of people just think they are normal aircraft and dont actually watch them but there is some weird lights in the sky over Glasgow. has anyone else noticed this? Mocks UFO Sightings With Tired Chip Reference

In an article called Mysterious Dudley Dorito UFO spotted over UK skies for the third time in three years, mocks recent UFO sightings over Great Britain by calling the UFO a ‘extra-terrestrial tortilla chip’.

The most recent report of the triangular craft was by Munesh Mistry, who spotted the object in the the skies above his home in Tipton, West Midlands at around 10.15pm on Sunday.

On November 4th, a similar UFO was seen hovering over nearby Sutton Coldfield.

In February last year a UFO sighting was recorded by Sean Gibbs-Percival over the skies of Oldbury, with another in April when two witnesses saw a flying saucer-shaped object described as two bright orange UFOs.

Orange Balls Of Light Over London

ORBL sighting left as a comment on Whales In Space


at midnight,
Sky Condition: Clear, no clouds
Location: London, England

I saw 8 orange balls of light cruise in the sky. 3, followed by 2, followed by another 3, i went on to my balcony, and not one made any sound or had any aircraft strobe lights!

I did some research, I think they were chinese lanterns. Not Ufo’s

UFOs Zapping British Sheep

British livestock mutilation investigator Phil Hoyle from Shrewsbury, is convinced extraterrestrials are behind recent sheep mutilations and claims he witnessed two UFOs using some sort of light to zap sheep.

UFO hunter: Aliens killing sheep

“For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle,” he said of the purported incident at a Welsh farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening. These lights and spheres are clearly not ours. They are built by technology and intelligence that’s not from here,” Hoyle said.

Hoyle is part of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, a non-profit established in 2001 that is committed to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery.

Orange Orbs Over Chester

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Just seen more than 10 orange orbs flying from west to east over blacon one
after the other with a random gap between them. Strngely this seem to occur
at midnight new years eve and I noticed when looking out of the window to
watch the fire works. All the orbs were glowing orange and no other lights
were visible as with a plane. Should be noted we live under flight path for
Manchester and speake airports so can tell the difference. They all Seem to
be going the same speed and the same direction.

Any one else see these?

Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Chester UK – September 21 2009

This report of forty ORBL UFOs from near Chester UK was sent to me in late September. I emailed them back to ask permission to use it in a main post. In that email, they added “I only hope when you do the three people in a van who also stopped beside us (and borrowed our binoculars) read it and can verify what we all witnessed.”

On returning from LLandudno Saturday 21st September 2009 around 9pm whilst travelling on the dual carriageway heading for the motorway towards Manchester and reasonably near to Chester we saw a spectacular sight – there were about 40 of these orange ball lights all spaced out as if in formation – they were quite low down and travelling from the direction of the river Mersey towards our location then began gaining height at a constant steady speed, slowly disappearing into the clouds.

My husband and I stopped at a lay-by and managed to get a better look through the binoculars from the boot of our car. They certainly weren’t air balloons as the lights did not flicker, not planes, not helicopters, weather balloons or birds. When each one reached the clouds there was no light reflecting on the clouds which does happen with planes. As we were stopped other vehicles did the same and the traffic slowed right down. We were stopped for about 20 minutes and were lucky enough to have two spells of a gap in the traffic which lasted around 5 – 6 seconds which gave us the opportunity to listen for the sound coming from them but there was none, just total silence.

We cannot believe that so far we haven’t managed to see anything on the news or in the papers about this as it was such a fantastic sight with so many appearing at once.

Perhaps something has been said and we missed it but as you can see I’ve been periodically looking on the internet which is how I found your statements which perfectly matched the description of what my husband and I both witnessed.

Even if someday an easy explanation comes forth I’ll never forget the amazement, wonder and disbelief of what I and many others saw that night.

I can’t stop looking at the skies in the hope it repeats itself………..

I searched online for any other reports of multiple ORBL sightings from England that night and found none that match both time and description. Starting several nights before, there was a little UFO flap going on. Here are some other sightings from that time period.

The video below is from the same night, but is a single blue-ish white traveling in a straight line. That video was take about 200 mile south near Cardiff, South Glamorgan, UK.

This report is from two night before. Three bright orange lights over 350 miles south of the Chester sightings.

Also on September 21st, Lee Betts of Newton St Cyres (near Exeter) reported a different unknown object in the British sky, 250 miles south of our Chester sighting.

Betts described the experience, ”I couldn’t believe it at first. The shape was about 100ft long and there were four lights coming from it initially. The shape moved slowly and it seemed to pivot on a central axis. Then, without warning, a sudden flash of light like a shooting star went across the sky. It was very strange. I have been an amateur astronomer for the past three years and I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s unexplained.”