Super Serpent Seen In UK Wildlife Area

Located between Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley and Stafford sits the ‘Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, a mixture of natural deciduous woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland, several war memorials, and the remains of old coal mines. The Cannock Chase has multiple visitor centers and many trails, some maintained, some natural, that wind their way through the 26 square mile landscape.

The Sunday Mercury has a recent report of a walker spotting a giant 14 foot snake “lurking in undergrowth”. The creature was seen near the German Cemetery and described as “brightly coloured with a powerful head”.

The description matches a Birmingham Post report from March, 2006 of a 14 foot serpent near Birches Valley. “The beast had a powerful head and coloring that stood out sharply against the greens and blues of the bracken.”

Or back even further to 1976, when Norman Dodd saw a similar creature in a small pool of water near Slitting Mill.

There is definitely nothing native in the area that would explain the sightings, the local grass snakes don’t get anywhere near the reported super snake lengths.

Also, when it comes to the weird, Cannock Chase is not limited to super snake sightings. There is the legend of the Bloody Steps, that are said to drip blood since the grisly murder of Christina Collins in 1839 at Brindley Bridge near Rugeley that was the inspiration of for Colin Dexter’s novel The Wench is Dead or the 1960s triple murder of three young girls. Their bodies of were discovered near Mantsy Gully.

Multiple bigfoot sightings have been reported in Cannock Chase, with rumours of underground tunnels near the German Cemetery where they live. Cannock Chase is also home of alien big cat reports and many UFO sightings.

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4 thoughts on “Super Serpent Seen In UK Wildlife Area

  1. ABCs (Alien Big Cats) is a term (British in origin I believe) for sighting of large felines where they don’t belong, often with a paranormal twist. Some credit them to escaped circus animals or exotic pets that have gotten free.
    We have several posts on stories from New York and Australia
    But they are seen all around the world

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