More Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Olympia, WA

On Saturday February 21st, 2009, I received an email from someone who I consider a reliable source and to my knowledge, had never had a ‘UFO’ sighting of this type before. They had seen what they termed a Black Balloon Cluster exhibiting the strange behavior of drifting apart and coming back together. They were a bit throw off by the sighting and offered no explanation for what the object could have been.

I had never heard of Black Balloon Cluster UFOs or Black Balloon Bunch UFOs before, but a quick search online found previous reports of balloon like UFOs acting much like my source had reported and even a YouTube video. When I sent this video and these reports to my source, they said the object they had seen matched the other reports.

Now it seems there has been other Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings over Olympia, WA

I seen this same kind of craft today with a friend of mine, at around 4:30pm today May 12th 2009. I have seen many “UFO” in my time but today this was a mysterious one. Looked just 4 balls clustered, but morphing in place as it was traveling.

My friend and I just got a drink at Starbucks in Lacey, Wa. After getting our drink, we got back into the truck and went to the corner of Lilly RD and Pacific St, when my buddie that was driving said “What the heck is that” (by the way this is what I always here from people that have never seen them). It looked like balloons at first. then unlike balloons having a string and the mass of balloons going upward right away. It seemed to follow our path for about 1 mile mile 1 1/2.

The object was about 500 feet away (from the road we were on) and about 200-300 feet high when We first seen it at that corner. It was at about the same altitude for about 1 mile traveling down Pacific Ave, then it started ascending at a rapid
rate upward until in vanished into clouds.

I didn’t have a camera or cellphone that takes pictures otherwise I could had some solid evidence. I bet you the camera on Lilly and Pacific Ave Street Lights would show what We first has witnessed on that corner.

On top of this “Sighting” helicopter have been going off at more of a rate than usual here in Lacey/Olympia WA. today. I woke up to Helicopter this morning and all day Through out the day and have heard them and seen them passing all night tonight.

My personal feeling on this is, that this was military or this was a drone of some kind. Who knows I have seen all kinds of craft off and on for years but today this one was strange one.

Olympia is less than 20 miles from McCord Air Force Base much less from the Fort Lewis Army base.
Could these be some sort of ‘drone’ sighting? The increased helicopter activity noted in the recent sighting is also interesting

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4 thoughts on “More Black Balloon Cluster UFO Sightings Over Olympia, WA

  1. My friend of 30+ yrs and I were taking my dog for a walk in Sumner, Washington about 2 yrs. ago coming back from a field near a mansion where I have photographed unusual crafts above it and ‘ghosts’ inside of it. My friend brought it to my attention by saying, “What’s that?” and she took off walking fast. I didn’t know what she was talking about but since she hurried, I hurried behind her. Since she was looking upwards, I did too and suddenly I seen what looked like a black balloon however it was not a balloon. It stayed on a level trajectory but wobbled a bit. We lost site of it a block away and ended up at Siebenthaler park where it should have been. We kept scanning the skies and I told her that I thought it was there but we just couldn’t see it. Within a few seconds sure enough it appeared directly in front of us above a house. It looked like a black hole like in cartoons where they’d have a black circle and lay it on the ground and it would be a hole…that was the first and only time I’ve seen a ‘ufo’ look like that and I’ve seen many a ufo in my years – I’m 48.

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