51st Conference on Anomalous Phenomena – June 27th & 28th

The International Fortean Organization (INFO) Presents
JUNE 27 & 28, 2009
51st Conference on Anomalous Phenomena
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
Shepardstown, WV

SATURDAY, June 27 Conference, 9:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M., MC Larry Arnold:
Nick Lonchar private detective, Certified Home Inspector and Security Consultant is an award-winning inventor who holds over 30 patents. Nick speaks Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian and English and is President and Founder of the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club . He will speak on Nikola Tesla: Little Known Facts, the Nikola Tesla Secret Society, the Tesla Death Ray and other stories of this unsung genius inventor followed by audience discussion.

Barbara Lane, Ph.D, a hypnotherapist in private practice, affiliated with a major hospital in Washington, D.C., is the author of Echoes From Medieval Times and Echoes From The Battlefield . Barbara will give a presentation “Reincarnation Stories and Synchronicity From the Civil War”. Dr. Lane will also discuss the Antiedam Battlefield and do a group regression with input from the audience for those who want to explore a Past Life from the Civil War.

Wendy Barta, a communications engineer with Verizon, educator and an NCGR certified Astrologer, will present “A 12,000 Year Journey Through The Cosmic Epics: The Evolution of the Ages of Gods and Men Through Extraordinary Art, Architecture and History”.

Jason Dzubow, an attorney in private practice in Washington, D.C. Jason, an INFO member who has also moderated at previous FortScapes, will discuss “The Toynbee Tiles: The Urban Asphalt Phenomena”. Why are these iconic images showing up in city streets worldwide? Are these as anomalous as Crop Circles? The next Big Mystery?

George Hass, with an all-new exo-archaeology talk, is a sculptor and the Director of the Cydonia Institute. George, the author of Cydonia Codex, Reflections From Mars, will discuss his newest book, and ask “Is There Life On Mars and Was There Life On Mars?”. Amazing visuals!

Phyllis Benjamin, journalist/artist/producer, President of The International Fortean Organization (INFO) and Chair of the FortFests and FortScapes (with co-Chair Al Rosensmyle) will present “Batsquatch, Flap, Flap: New Encounters” and her various interviews with phenomenalist author John Keel about these mysterious winged creatures.

Susan Swiatek, a publications specialist for a government contractor, State Director of VA MUFON and a founding editor of the Journal For Abduction Research (JAR), will present “Escapees From the Cryptozoo” and discuss the latest cryptozoological oddities that are baffling the so-called experts.

Jim Young, with his wife Sandy, are the hosts of Angel Talk TV. Jim is the editor of the new magazine Time Spans: Stone Records Of An Ancient Civilization and an enthusiastic WV archaeologist and symbolist. He will present a lavishly illustrated talk on the astounding West Virginia Petroglyphs and Stone Carvings and ask whether there is evidence of contact with ancient high civilizations.

Plus: Optional Buffet with dessert, coffee, tea and iced tea, The Phenomenal Book Sale, informal Friday in the hotel at the Three Onions Lounge and Saturday Social and Networking Party in the Rumsey Bar. Live music in the adjoining Rumsey Tavern until the wee hours. Stroll the charming country town of Shepherdstown and enjoy the shops and wonderful restaurants in town such as the Yellow Brick Bank or the Tuscany Grille at the Clarion.

Join Video Dave, Dr. Barbara Lane and hosts Al and Phyllis for a walking and driving tour of this storied battlefield and historic buildings. Do ghost photography and EVP recordings on site. Bring water, a snack and infa-red film!

Saturday Lecture Program, includes free Sunday Antiedam Battlefield Ghost Tour, Socials, $99 before June 7, $119 after June 7

Student rate, $25 for Saturday, Student $45 for Saturday and Sunday

Buffet Lunch, $17, pay by June 7

Email questions? Contact us at fortfest99@yahoo.com or call INFO
at 443-564-2158. See our website for past conferences at www.forteans.com

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