Atmospheric Beasts

Blogger Naveed makes an excellent connection between UFOs described as jellyfish-like and a seldom mentioned creature from cryptozoology dubbed Atmospheric Beasts.

Atmospheric Beasts are said to fragile and lightweight creatures floating around in the upper atmosphere, maybe from another dimension, maybe native to earth, maybe they have traveled here from other planets in gas bubbles and they can handle trips through space. Maybe they are dropped off here by other extraterrestrials to perform a function like clean our atmosphere or telepathically report back information.

Uninvited Visitors (a Biologist Looks at U.f.o.’s ) by Ivan T. Sanderson is said to speculate and expand on many of these ideas. I am currently looking for a copy or more information on these views.

The possibility of the existence of Atmospheric Beasts add a wonderful layer to UFO sightings, as there have reports of flying jellyfish like UFOs, as recent as the May 9th sighting over Lichfield, Staffordshire UK and a classic 1977 report from Petrosavodsk, Russian which had multiple witnesses and a photo that was published in Pravda. Also lumped in to this category of UFO are the sky snake/eel/whales/dragon descriptions of unknown objects in our skies. Like the 1891 Crawfordsville monster, these are sometimes said to ‘flap’ and slither through the sky, like so much like jellyfish.

Could these be two different classifications of creatures?

Atmospheric beasts have been linked yet to another odd occurrence and that is when weird unexplained globs and blobs of ick fall from they sky. Could some reports of star jelly or pwdre sêr falling to the ground be the bodies of these creatures?

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7 thoughts on “Atmospheric Beasts

  1. I have seen the atmosheric beats which I call sky whales twice in the last four years. A squadron of half a dozen came to a secluded forest in California in 2005. It was the break of dawn and they were there for an hour. They must be a mile long eac, and formed in an eliptical shape with pointed ends. When they are ready to fly off they split one pointed end to two points and fly off headed in the other direction. They had been detected on two geo positioners. I could not tell if they were mechanical beings or beasts but opt out in the opion they are atmosheric animals that intentionally stay away from mankind.

    The second time was two months ago, Three of them came right to the edge of our tiny town and we all saw them.

    I have also seen with my own eyes a man over 20 feet tall with no deformation. a very handsome fellow that I would maybe come up to his knee. He was watching me out in the woods with my back turned to him. I watched him for some time but when I turned around to go to him he was gone by the time I turned my head. I went out to where he had been standing and it was an old crek bed. I could not see the tunnel or cave but for sure he went into one. It is like the magic eye books where only with a lot of concentration or training can we see all that is there in some terrains. Only with a fully functioning brain will the opening become obvious. I decided not to try to find the man because obviosly they are a secret race and I want to be no part of a bunch of crazy people out looking for giants and bigfoots to kill. I have looked up the race on the web and found the Spanish documented them frequently but there is no mention of a war of killing any of the giants by the spanish. Where did they go? The locals where I saw the giant know these people but will not talk. We already killed off all thier buffaloes and fish and most of the indigenous people and they do not want us looking for anyone else to kill. We have killed off most of one of the most beautiful species of birds, being the Great Condor. We have cut down the Giant Redwoods who live for thousands of years. Wehave stripped the six rivers of gold of thier names sake. Imagine; actual rivers of gold from an aerio veiw. We have deviated rivers and streams and polutted the air, water and land.

    I have seen many other rare and wonderful sights with and without others. Things people would call miracles. We as a race of human beings have alienated ourselves so far from nature, we will never be allowed to see most of what we call myth is alive and well today somewhere on Earth. We need to be able to be one with ourselves, Learn to be alone and study the stars. We need to be at one with nature and a very good person to be allowed to see the wonders of nature. All the animals and plants communicate in a Pan language and a good deed done for one creature spreads through the forest faster than wildfire. The animals come to meet you and tell others.
    The racoons will come go over you for ticks at night while you sleep, The mice will cover all fungus growing in your vicinity, and so on. Each animal has a job they do well and will do it without your telling them to if you let hem be them selves.

    The point is, there is more in heaven and on Eart than any man can imagine. We look at the mechanics of a thing and it’s function, disecting it into pieces and never get the full picture. You can not cut a creature up to get to know it.

    If we are allowed to become one with nature, we would not be any good at all in the taxable work force. It is forboden. Propaganda in books and on Tv will keep us afraid of ourselves and the animals and we will never get back to the pan language of old.

    Learn the Storm with Rain, Winds and Lightening as a Person and Dance. Feel the rain on your face alone far from humans in the Storm. Dance without man made music, as Lightening strikes all around you. Get away from the theories and hunting and you will see so much more than Sky Whales.

    Happy Trails.

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