40 Meter Snake Found In Peruvian Amazon

A 73 year old Lisburn man, Mike Warner, has spent 23 years searching three continents looking for evidence of giant snakes. Now, from deep in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, he claims to have over 700 photographs and 5 hours of video of a giant ‘black boa’ or ‘Yacumama’. At over 40 meters in length (130 feet) and 2 meter in diameter (6 1/2 feet) this creature is many times larger than any cataloged snake.

Mike Warner, at 73, with the assistance of his son Greg Warner, spent 12 days in March using the latest satellite equipment to take images of the huge reptile and were able to officially announce the discovery on May 2 after flying over the creature multiple times, taking photographs and getting video.

The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) has the exclusive rights to release all the pictures from their Peruvian expedition and has been in contact with the Warner’s concerning the photos and video. On June 12th, they published several pictures, which fail to provide the definite evidence first described.

I will admit, as CFZ does, I don’t see it. I understand they are claiming the existence of these ‘channels’ than run into the river are part of the evidence, but I don’t see the snake in the images. Its seems video may better show what the claim to have seen.

Check out CFZ’s collection of posts concerning the Peruvian “Giant Snake” or lack there of.

It seems CFZ took some abuse from their readers over these pictures, the whole time maintaining that the Warners were “decent fellows”. Yesterday they published a letter from the Warners:


I see by your post today that you are taking some abuse over the release of this data (it’s being directed at us too). My dad and I release you from our gentleman’s agreement to save you any further grief. Let us know and we will respect your decision. My dad’s away this weekend and we can’t release our findings until next week anyway and then we’re finished with this process. I know you disagree with us but I hope that we can make you “happy by proving you wrong” one day. We are now working with scientists who see some merit in the data we have released and some TV producers have approached us following our story breaking in the papers a few weeks ago.

Kind regards

Greg & Mike

I doubt this is the last we have heard of Greg and Mike Warner.

It does make me think of the photographs of the Nabau Sighting – Giant Snake Of Borneo from earlier this year.

Those photos, faked or not, made it easy to see a giant snake swimming down the Baleh river in Borneo, Indonesia.

Why would the Warners submit themselves to such harsh criticism with such lack luster data?

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5 thoughts on “40 Meter Snake Found In Peruvian Amazon

  1. If I spent my life saving on an expedition and had photographic evidence proving this, I’d be on CNN and the shots would be all over the web!

    Where’s their 700 photos and 5 hours of film??

    Sounds very dubious to me.

    1. It might be a distraction from an evil snake invasion! It’s a prank of the atmospheric beasts alright. They’ve mastered our Internet now they will invade! We must prepare the resistance! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

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