UFOs Over Seascale, UK

Even more Orange Ball of Light (ORBL) sightings over the UK.

This time over Seascale, Cumbria on Sunday 14th June 2009 at 10:40 PM.

ORBLs are becoming so common in UK skies, I have a hard time believing that they are all chinese lanterns, what we are now calling Chinese Lantern Theory (CLT) or maybe the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT).

The witness, Steve O’Donnell contacted Pat Regan, Founder of North West UFO Research (NWUR).

“While travelling home from work at the nearby Sellafield site I observed 2 orange objects in the sky. They were travelling north along the coastline from a southern direction, they dropped lower in the sky over my home village of Seascale then took an arced trajectory as they raised in the sky then headed east inland over the Lake District. At their lowest point of travel the closest object had a diameter of about 1cm to the naked eye but its actual size was impossible to determine due to lack of cloud cover to give an accurate distance reference point. The two objects stayed in close proximity to each other as they flew but at varying distances and appeared to be travel at varying speeds until they accelerated into the distance.”

North West UFO Research collects UFO reports from around the UK and has been featured in the History Channel’s UFO Hunters.

Earlier this year, UFOs were reported in Cumbria that were dismissed as chinese lanterns, as many ORBL sightings have.

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One thought on “UFOs Over Seascale, UK

  1. Me and my family watched 80 to a 100 orange lights in the sky flyin over newcastle and gateshead. They were coming from diffrent places but when so far up they started following each other in a line heading north then vanishing.

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