Stan Romanek On ABCs Primetime: Outsiders Tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Stan Romanek, author and speaker, most famous for his claim of having a video of an alien looking in his window, will be on ABCs Primetime: Outsiders tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Controversy seems to follow Romanek around, from recent articles by Kansas City’s blogger Alan Scherstuhl to the rantings of Bryan & Baxter on our own site.

Scherstuhl’s post definitely struck a chord, as he picks apart Romanek’s stories, sites his spelling errors, and over all bashes on the guy for five pages of blog. Enough that Romanek’s wife, Lisa Romanek left a comment on Scherstuhl’s blog, which only gave him material for another post.

Bryan & Baxter were responsible for the fake Romanek/Jeff Peckman video that everyone saw on Larry King Live and have no love for Romanek’s brand of UFO research. Their fake video led to a collection of fakes, I even created one with my rat terrier.

So where does this leave Stan Romanek?

The biggest thing I see is he will be on national TV tonight, explaining his story and no doubt, stirring up his critics. Believe him or not, he obviously is interesting enough for prime time ABC.

Romanek will also be speaking at the upcoming A Galactic Gathering: A Conference on Extraterrestrial Civilizations and hopefully the ABC appearance will help draw some attention to that conference and bring in some attendance.

Check out his video of the alien at the window ‘Boo’ is posted on the ABC website.

Romanek doesn’t rub me wrong the same way he does Scherstuhl or Bryan & Baxter. I don’t pretend to understand UFOs or alien encounters. If John Keel was right and this phenomenon is closer to demonology than hard science, then to be so critical of one man’s experiences, no matter how hard from you to believe, makes the critic look the fool. Why presume to know the workings of something you don’t understand?
Bring on the weird.

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5 thoughts on “Stan Romanek On ABCs Primetime: Outsiders Tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

  1. The Sherstuhl pieces don’t just pick on Romank’s spelling errors like you say. They point out how Romanek’s fairly unique spelling errors show up consistently in posts by “witnesses” vouching for Romanek’s sightings. That is suspicious as hell. I believe UFOs and even aliens exist but I believe it because of my own experiences, not because of evidence Stan Romanek has faked.

  2. “Romanek’s fairly unique spelling errors show up consistently in posts by “witnesses” vouching for Romanek’s sightings”…
    Well, when you say it that way…
    Good point

  3. It was odd that the show had such an opposition to the case. They brought in Physicists, Psychologists and more to explain possible natural explanations.

    I have to say that this was a new twist for the what the media has done in the past.

    (Of Bryan & Baxter)

  4. The ABC piece was awful in that it tried to discount the entire UFO experience, not just Romaneks. Romanek looks to me like he’s lying but I know people who aren’t. I wish MUFON and sites like this one would shoot crap like Romanek’s down before it goes mainstream and makes us all looks silly.

  5. Romanek is no liar. he has so much evidence to back himself up. everyone who says he’s hoaxing all of it, read his book “Messages” I just bought it a few days ago and it’s been blowing my mind. And as for Shitstill or whatever his name is, Scherstuhl, and those blow me brothers, oops sorry did i say that, I meant Bryan and Baxter, they’re just afraid of excepting the truth.

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