North Port Florida Family's Alien Report Draws MUFON Attention

Michael Rowley and his son Shane have seen the North Port Devil

Michael Rowley and his son Shane moved to their North Port Florida in April after Michael Rowley retired. “Well, I’m retired and I thought this was where you’re supposed to go,” Michael said. “The only bad part is the aliens around here.”

In the last four months, the Rowleys have had five alien encounters and come to the attention of the UFO community and most recently been investigated by MUFON – Mutual UFO Network.

Both Michael Rowley and Shane have seen aliens in the woods near their home. Shane has seen several different creatures and Michael was able to make a plaster cast of a footprint found near the home. The footprint would be of a creature with a cloven hoof, now being called The North Port Devil.

MUFON sent out investigator Morgan Beall to take a look, collect the reports, and make observations. His report is available online.
MUFON’s initial field investigation

Taken from the report.

Shane Rowley is the primary witness. Shane Rowley on or around the 10th of April 2009 after his father first experience witnessed what he described as two “Aliens” entities outside his bedroom window. He stated the two entities were two different types based off his observations. The closest entity to the window was described as a tall (approx 9 feet) pale Gray with large eyes. He further described it as having smooth skin with very long arms of which the wrist reached well below its waist to the base of the windowsill. The other entity was described as a scaly reptile like humanoid with a rounded heart shaped head. He explained it was crouched sideways on the trunk of the palm tree in the background. He added it bobbed its head side to side. This event lasted approximately 5 minutes until the witness found himself staring at the window in the same position the next morning (missing time). Shane stated he did not remember falling asleep.

In addition to the plaster cast of the foot print, the Rowley’s have a video tape that they claim shows a reflection of an eye.

Add to all this, the Rowley’s own website, telling their side of the story in a solid block paragraph of text.
It seems he has invited people to sit on his back porch and then record their observations. These witnesses reported red eyes, “sounds like wings beating air, loud crashes and stomping”, and something that flew overheard that “was 20 ft tall and a long heavy tail”.

The site also clears up what happened to the MUFON investigator. It sees the Rowley’s were unhappy with how the investigation was progressing and being handled.

More videos from the Rowelys on their YouTube Channel including the video of the ‘reflection of the eye’

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10 thoughts on “North Port Florida Family's Alien Report Draws MUFON Attention

  1. Wow – this sounds like something FATE magazine up in Minnesota would like to hear about. Sounds totally amazing. I just watched
    a program about experiencers on ABC the other

    Used to belong to MUFON, but have not been involved in any of this stuff since I moved to Florida ten years ago. I had done at least one investigation of one guy’s experience with a craft up in Illinois and I had some strange experiences up there myself. I also even met a guy who lives next door to a friend of mine up in Illinois, who saw
    the tracks of the Jersey Devil,

    This makes one wonder – why here and why now? Have you guys had experiences before this?

    I would really like to come down and see this for myself. If need be, maybe I could even submit your story to the magazine. Sounds like high strangeness is going on in Northport.

    Anyway, feel free to contact me at my e-mail. I live in Sarasota so it’s not a bad drive down there and I am just starting a week’s vacation.

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