NBC-2 And The North Port Devil

On August 3rd, www.nbc-2.com posted the first article that I saw concerning Mike Rowley and the North Port Devil. While there is no author listed on the online version, the video segment is closed by Chad Oliver, who has worked for NBC2 since 2004.

It wasn’t until over two weeks later that I post North Port Florida Family’s Alien Report Draws MUFON Attention. What got my attention was the MUFON initial field investigation report linked at the bottom of the NBC2 article.

Five days later, I posted North Port Devil Critics Surface. www.nbc-2.com had changed their tune. Now with a post called ‘Alien sightings’ called a hoax, a paranormal investigator name Eric Patterson had either been hired by NBC2 or had contacted Rowley and asked to be able to investigate Rowley’s claims.

Photo sent by Mike Rowley
Photo sent by Mike Rowley

And is Patterson a paranormal investigator? Where did NBC2 find Patterson and on what basis is he qualified to declare Mike Rowly’s claims of a North Port Devil a hoax? My emails to Kevin Ozebek, who did the ‘hoax’ story, have not been answered?

It seems from information presented to me from Rowley, that he and Patterson have reached an understanding, but that doesn’t clear up NBC2’s discrediting of Rowley. Sadly, people believe what they hear on the news. Announcing his claims a hoax on no evidence of it being a hoax is at least poor journalism, if not worse.

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2 thoughts on “NBC-2 And The North Port Devil

  1. Patterson has apologized to me publicaly on DA VOID and in a private e-mail he has up graded his investigation to inconclusive, he said that means that there is no evidence to disprove or approve his findings., and that by no means does that imply that I am a hoax.Quote from Eric Patterson in a private e-mail. ” The whole thing about the “hoax” issue came from a third party that concured with my findings of little to no scientific proof of a creature living in the area” .This third party has to be Morgan beall of Mufon who is the only other investigator on the scene.
    My question for NBc-2 you knew darn well the foot print and the cast resemble nothing like a gopher hole, and you used that to do a factual story.My other question to nbc2 is just because Patterson feels I made it up for money, does that make it true? The anchor on the show said he thought maybe he should have a disclamer for thie segment, I think he should have.nbc2 why did you call it one of the most bizaar shows you have done?the only thing bizaar is you influenced your audience with your “these guys are nuts! laughter,”into believing it was truth.It is brainwashing, in the first degree!
    There is nothing unbiased about the show, it was staged. Patterson told me in an e-mail that nbc-2 told him that I had requested he be interviewed. I never did, and nbc2 cant produce an e-mail or phone message with me requesting they interview Paatterson.NBC-2 met with patterson a short distance from my house out of the sight of my front porch. nbc’s questions to me were packed with questions like , how come my neighbors dont see them, are you doing this for money, are you exagerating this for money, then they told me Patterson said it is a gopher hole, what do you say to that, I said I dont give a flip, I know what it is, I have the only devils foot print in the world and I hope to get a milion for it. I thought it was over and was going in the house , but wondered where they were going down the street. I walked down there and there was Patterson being interviewed and told I had said I don’t give a flip what Patterson said that it was a gopher hole. Patterson looked shocked and told the nbc audience, don’t be taken in by me , this is definately a hoax, definately a hoax. I guarantee you NBC came prepared to discredit me with no evidence it is a hoax. NBC-2 knew MUFON believed Shane was abducted and was regretful that he could not be regressed, because they were off the case. Why did not nbc2 quote that MUFON official.
    An all one sided show with a laughing anchor laughing and shaking his head with the impression to his audience that we were crack pots. Bad crack pots , crazy crack pots. again with no proof. I have Pattersons letter up grading his conclusion to inconclusive,not a hoax. No scientific evidence either way, No scientific evidence was collected in 2 months by MUFON, no regression in 2 months, no soil samples in 2 months, no ladder checking for claw marks on the tree the reptilian was hanging on, no implants taken out of Shane if he had them, no MUFON specialist examined the 8 mm video of the eye in the woods, no lie detector test, in 2 months, no specialist to interview Shane better then he could, No access to MUFON in an emergency as promised. mocked me and scolded me for believing my neighbors may be dragons, he said I was a bad parent for making Shane fear our neighbors, what else can we believe we had nothing done by MUFON for 2 months, we were on our own to figure out what the heck was going on. So when it comes to scientific evidence missing it is not my fault. Morgan Beall the investigator told a lie on a radio interview that we parted ways because I was impatient he did not “catch” an alien in 2 weeks. He went on to lie that it takes months and a lie detector costs money. It WAS months, 2 months. I told Morgan Beall he was a liar to his face many times, and he always had an excuse. Saying it was 2 weeks and that a good investigation takes months was a bold lie.I believe Patterson got his inspiration from Morgan Beall who on DA VOID came close but did not call me a hoax. Moran said it could be a hoax. A half lie. He knows darn well Shane was abducted, and told that radio station that day when he was asked straight up, “do you believe them,” and he said: Shane could not have described the things he described unless he really witnessed it..So Why half lie and say it may be a hoax, on DA VOID. Patterson said a third Party concluded that there was no scientific evidence to prove it (that is Morgans fault) and that the hoax business started with that. again I am sure Patterson if asked will tell us he was inspired by Morgan Beall’s “it may be a hoax” on DA VOID.
    NBC hurt my son bad telling a story they knew was not factual. Shane got a lot of good comments from people in the stores and mall that recognized him, and let him know they thought he was cool. Now Shane will not leave this house for fear of ridicule. the same ridicule Shane saw the anchor put in the hearts of his listeners.NBC is staring down the barrel of a defimation of character law suit.Shane is diagnosed with PTSD from sever trauma, he would not talk for years, afraid of people. You can tell by the first nbc2 story Shane seemed quite normal, yes but that took many years of costly intense therapy to get him there. Shane today if you saw him is not the same person, confident and assured. Shane is now afraid to go out of this house for fear of ridicule.There is much more to Shane,s story nbc2 will find out. the damage from a false story done on purpose for some sick reson and the way it was done is going to cost nbc.Professional journalism ethics laws we totally disregarded. Anyone that saw the anchor’s last remarks laughing and shaking his head, look at that ending now that I complained. It is edited down to one frame. They had to leave at least one frame, but you can still see the ridicule on his face that he brainwahed and convinced his audience with that we are la la la la crazy. thanks for a barrel of fun NBC-2, thanks for rueining Shane’s life here in fla. And thanks for the pain I have recieved from you, seeing Shane in such fear.This thing is over 20 ft tall and flies and knows our every thought.It has creepy looking friends.
    Are they peaceful or are they not, that is the question that should be asked at this stage. I am not the only one experencing extrateresterals, it is world wide now. the last larry King show suggests that maybe soon we wil meet face to face with beings from other worlds. I for one totally agree. Should not NBC-2 show my scientific evidence that can be clearly recognized on my you tube station, north port devil, instead of telling lies? All science does not have to be photographs, eye witnesses that see the same things are good too.

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