Return Of The North Port Devil

The title ‘Return Of The North Port Devil’ might be a bit misleading, because the North Port Devil has never gone away, but a recent email from Mike Rowely of North Port Florida and man at the center of the North Port Devil phenomenon got my attention.

From: Mike Rowley
Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 1:08 PM
Subject: Fwd: Story you did on us

Dear UN We have contact and communication with aliens. They will speak to you now and 2 days after the full moon.

Mike Rowley

Rowley’s YouTube Channel has over 140 different videos of UFOs, orbs, aliens, and Rowley’s North Port Devil.

We saw a flap of sightings after Stanley A. Fulham prediction of aliens appearing on October 13th, will Rowley’s prediction bring a similar rash of reports?

Whales In Space Two Year Anniversary

Its our two year Anniversary!!!
Another weird year has gone by, over 200 posts for our second year.

Our second year started with a bang, with the massive, yet generally unreported, worldwide July 4th 2009 UFO flap. The July 4th Orange Balls of Light were followed quickly by Mike Rowley’s Northport Devil. The phenomenon were first reported in April of 2009, but we didn’t pick up the story until mid August. Sights continue on Rowley’s property today.

In September, guest journalist Ashley Weller covered the The Galactic Gathering’ Conference from Denver, Colorado, including insight on talks by Sheldan Nidle and the always controversial Stan Romanek.

In November, we covered the Bigfoot Central $1,000,000 Hunt for Bigfoot that was to be held near Silverton, Colorado, July 10-14, 2010 which later turned out to be a bust.

The Spiral UFO Over Norway hogged the weird news in December and the new year brought a werewolf sighting in the always weird Cannock Chase and bringing us that much closer to the much anticipated return of Nibiru in 2012.

The spring brought us Mystery Booms reported in Colchester IL, Portland OR, and Bellingham WA and more Sasquatchploitation than we could follow.

And what to expect from the 3rd Year of Whales In Space?

I expect 2012 weirdness to continue to ramp up, more Orange Balls of Light, more bigfoot, some unidentified dead creatures and I’m sure some weirdness I couldn’t come up…

Hang on, there is more weird coming!

More North Port Devil Weirdness

There seems to be no end to the weirdness over the skies of Mike Rowley’s home in North Port Florida.

We have tried to keep up.

Two new videos from Rowley.

Written by Mike Rowley

I have a lot of weird videos 42 now , many not posted on wink. You can see them all at

I have met a lot of Ufo and alien experts since Shane my son was abducted. One recently told me that South Florida was part of the Myan empire and that Quetzalcoatl, the feathered flying serpent king is to return to the Myan empire (which includes south fla) in 2012.

i have 5 more flying snake videos that I loaded on You tube without downloading on to my computer, so go to to see links to my you tube channel and see them there.

I myself am amazed at what is going on here and how that no real media is reporting on it.

I have huge ufo’s here many mornings cloking in the clouds. I have huge ufo’s at night cloaking dropping off aliens that fly.

I have the only ET foot cast know to man, and I live here in North Port.

It has spread to Punta gorda! Call florida MUFON and see, they have been investigating aliens in the woods of a man’s house there.

What is going on?

I would not know how to fake a film.i am an high school drop out. This video is all real and so are all 42 at

North Port Devil Dragon Clouds

Since his home was first visited by what he believes were aliens in April of 2009, Mike Rowley of North Port Florida has reported seeing ‘dragons’. At one point, Rowley claimed to see “a dragon perfectly formed in my screen saver, flying by”. Rowley also has stated he has seen other ‘dragon signs’ in his neighborhood.
Now he has a very interesting video of a dragon like image in the clouds over his home.

This phenomenon has been happening fairly consistently at Rowley’s home for almost a year, with not a lot of main stream press, possible because of a Morgan Beall’s of MUFON’s odd handling of their investigation and an attempt to label the case a fraud by a local NBC station, which included a dubious paranormal investigator and blatant lies and misinformation.

"At Last Here Is The North Port Devil" On

Mike Rowely of the North Port Devil phenomenon has uploaded several video to including the one below.

This is the Real honest to goodness living DRAGON! The head is to the right, remember you are looking at it from underneath, you can see some horns on top side of its head, you can see its snout. The first bump from his head is his wings from underneath the second bump is his hips and back legs, The rest is the tail. he flies in the early morning light , I will get a good shot soon. Proof Dragons exist!

Mike Rowley

New Videos From North Port Devil

Mike Rowley from the has posted some new videos on his YouTube Channel.

Rowley describes them as ‘Quetzalcoatl, a cloaking ufo with a flying dragon, coiled serpent’ and ‘humanoid alien’ or ‘reptilian’.

He also has posted fresh vid of the cast he made from the foot print that was left on his property last year.

And Humanoid reptilian alien sighting North Port FL

Last summer, we started posting a lot of information on Rowely’s North Port Devil and even tried to get someone to go spend a full moon with Rowley on his property. I never got any video, pictures or even much information from the people who went to wait for the North Port Devil that summer weekend.

With the recent posts, it seems the North Port Devil phenomenon was not limited to 2009, but will continue into 2010. Lets hope for more spooky videos, plaster casts, disgruntled MUFON investigators and what even else the North Port Devil has up its sleeve.