More North Port Devil Weirdness

There seems to be no end to the weirdness over the skies of Mike Rowley’s home in North Port Florida.

We have tried to keep up.

Two new videos from Rowley.

Written by Mike Rowley

I have a lot of weird videos 42 now , many not posted on wink. You can see them all at

I have met a lot of Ufo and alien experts since Shane my son was abducted. One recently told me that South Florida was part of the Myan empire and that Quetzalcoatl, the feathered flying serpent king is to return to the Myan empire (which includes south fla) in 2012.

i have 5 more flying snake videos that I loaded on You tube without downloading on to my computer, so go to to see links to my you tube channel and see them there.

I myself am amazed at what is going on here and how that no real media is reporting on it.

I have huge ufo’s here many mornings cloking in the clouds. I have huge ufo’s at night cloaking dropping off aliens that fly.

I have the only ET foot cast know to man, and I live here in North Port.

It has spread to Punta gorda! Call florida MUFON and see, they have been investigating aliens in the woods of a man’s house there.

What is going on?

I would not know how to fake a film.i am an high school drop out. This video is all real and so are all 42 at

The North Port Devil is the Devil

The North Port Devil is the Devil

“The North Port Devil, is the Devil. He is also know as leviathan, that crooked serpent, The dragon.”
These are the first words across Mike Rowley’s website

Mike combines Biblical references, extraterrestrials, 2012, cloven foot dragons and more in his theory to explain the alien and ‘dragon’ sightings that he, his son, and a host of witnesses have claimed to see in the last several months.

The page on his site, The Dragon lists Biblical verse and added text telling the tale of a coming reptilian army of 200 million soldiers that will kill a third of mankind. Rowley’s North Port Devil is a sign of this coming army, the return of the Biblical Anti-Christ, Revelation.

I had a brief exchange with Rowley over the weekend. He told me “North Port Devil is in Punta Gorda… almost every night at Toms house… reptilians. 9:08 AM it was on his roof , he saw its shadow in the bright moon and heard it fly, whoomp , whoomp whoomp, not a feathered bird.”

Rowley had recently interviewed this man Tom and posted the clip on his North Port Devil YouTube Channel

Punta Gorda is about 15 miles South East of North Port, across the Peace River.

Rowley told me Tom has been staying awake all night trying to kill the creature.

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North Port Devil And The Full Moon – Part One

Since I started posted on this story in mid August, I have been reading that Mike Rowley was sure there was a connection between the full moon and his North Port Devil.

I made contact with someone in the North Port area who I arranged to meet with Rowley and then go to the property at night over the weekend of September 4th, the next full moon.

In the process, I found myself drawn into the North Port Devil Story. I found the ‘its a hoax’ hoax an interesting twist. I contacted the paranormal investigator, Eric Patterson, that NBC2 used to discredit Rowley. I got back cryptic emails, concerning what Patterson could share and not share. He mentioned law suits and 3rd parties. He ended email with statements like “I have told you all i can tell you for now.”

Rowley forwarded to me a serious of emails between him and Eric Patterson, also know as Joey Nova. The email cleared up some confusion about the second NBC2 piece and seemed to settle the tensions between Patterson and Rowley.

Basically, Patterson explained to me that he could find no scientific evidence to support a creature of that size is in the area. Obviously he wasn’t impressed by Rowley’s footprint cast. Patterson told me he had been out to the area and had taken a ‘nationally renown paranormal sensitive’ and found neither physical evidence or anything the ‘sensitive’… sensed.

He added:

Which brings me to the man that came to the property with dousing rods and said that Mr. Rowley was living on an alien hot bed… threw my years in this business i have focused on ghosts but i have learned that there is only three “Alien hot beds” in the world. Hudson river valley New York, Stonehenge england, and sedona Arizona. the reasons these are named as alien hot spots is because of 4 reasons

1: spiritual meaning/holy ground
2: Military presence
3: High electro magnetic field present
4: Crossing point for the “earth energy lay lines”

This property has none of these… However i have been having problems with the 4th. I have been unable to say that this was not the brain child of a UFO inthusiest that wanted to have these three locations known highly because of their past influence on UFO’s.

Honestly, with a limited approach such as that, I wouldn’t expect him to find anything if the freaking North Port Devil was making out with sasquatch right in front of him. Let’s try to keep an open mind here.

I promised I would post Patterson’s info to credit him for his information.
South West Florida

So that brings us to the full moon…

NBC-2 And The North Port Devil

On August 3rd, posted the first article that I saw concerning Mike Rowley and the North Port Devil. While there is no author listed on the online version, the video segment is closed by Chad Oliver, who has worked for NBC2 since 2004.

It wasn’t until over two weeks later that I post North Port Florida Family’s Alien Report Draws MUFON Attention. What got my attention was the MUFON initial field investigation report linked at the bottom of the NBC2 article.

Five days later, I posted North Port Devil Critics Surface. had changed their tune. Now with a post called ‘Alien sightings’ called a hoax, a paranormal investigator name Eric Patterson had either been hired by NBC2 or had contacted Rowley and asked to be able to investigate Rowley’s claims.

Photo sent by Mike Rowley
Photo sent by Mike Rowley

And is Patterson a paranormal investigator? Where did NBC2 find Patterson and on what basis is he qualified to declare Mike Rowly’s claims of a North Port Devil a hoax? My emails to Kevin Ozebek, who did the ‘hoax’ story, have not been answered?

It seems from information presented to me from Rowley, that he and Patterson have reached an understanding, but that doesn’t clear up NBC2’s discrediting of Rowley. Sadly, people believe what they hear on the news. Announcing his claims a hoax on no evidence of it being a hoax is at least poor journalism, if not worse.

North Port Devil Update

More developments, twists, turns, and characters in the Mike Rowley North Port Devil story.

Last Friday, a new North Port Devil witness video was posted on the North Port Devil YouTube Channel. Two women discuss what they have seen at Mike Rowley’s home in North Port Florida. They describe seeing a silver/grey/cream fairly standard grey alien that they describe as acting like a small child and playing hide and seek.

The video seems sincere, as the woman named Susan describes the sighting, she also describes her physical response to the experience.

That is right, another woman named Susan. You may remember Susan K from a previous witness video. And the name of the woman who conducted that interview… also Susan.

So now we have three Susans and two Mikes (Mike Rowley and Mike K who was with Susan K in the previous video).

John Keel’s name game seems to be in play in North Port.

The Susan who conducted the interview with Susan K and Mike K, is Susan Kimball (another Susan K). I contacted her through her YouTube Channel and asked if I could ask some question about her involvement in the North Port Devil story. One thing I noticed was the religious themed material on her YouTube Channel. I asked Susan how Mike Rowley’s current experiences fit into those beliefs.

Her explanation was well explained and thought out. Packed with Biblical references and bringing in Jesus, God, Nephilim, UFOs, and aliens to detail her beliefs. Part of Susan’s answer back to me is below:

The alien phenomena when viewed through the lens of the Bible can be explained. You see, in the book of Genesis, it speaks of fallen angels who left heaven and came to earth in order to have sexual relations with flesh woman. It was an attempt to carry out a planned genetic manipulation of mankind. Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God (fallen angels) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown“.

This word giant here in Hebrew is Nephilim which means fallen ones. The Nephilim being the progeny or offspring of the fallen angels and flesh women. The result was a hybrid race, half human, half angel . This half breed race was not renown for there good deeds or righteousness but rather for there wickedness. In order to preserve the human blood line through which Jesus Christ would come, God destroyed them all in the flood. The exception was Noah and his family because their blood line had not been tainted in that they had not intermingled with the fallen angels.

The spirits of the Nephilim which where destroyed in the flood did not return to God but rather became disembodied, demonic spirits that assist Satan, the god of this world, in deceiving mankind by interacting with mankind in different ways and forms. I believe that the alien phenomenon is 100% demonic in nature and that some of the reported sightings of “aliens” are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim masquerading as aliens.

Susan found Mike Rowley through fellow YouTube Channel. She contacted Rowley and asked to do the interviews. She has never seen or experienced a UFO or alien and plans to be at the Rowley’s home on September 4th to watch for an appearance of the North Port Devil.

And what of the North Port Devil critics who were crying hoax last week? There seems to be some oddness surounding’s ‘paranormal investigator’ Eric Patterson. At first, I was unable to find any trace of Eric Patterson as a ‘paranormal investigator’ except a Craigslist ad created after the NBC-2 story. The email address used by Patterson on Craigslist can be traced to another post online of an Owner/Operator of Bird Wing Productions out of South West Florida.

I emailed the reporter from the NBC-2 article, Kevin Ozebek at, and asked about Patterson. That was Monday, I have yet to get a response.

An email to me from Mike Rowley paints a different picture of Eric Patterson. Mike explains he has ‘a lot of funny e-mails’ from Eric Patterson and that Patterson has had some experiences in the woods near Rowley’s home, one ending with Rowley’s neighbor seeing Patterson running from the area.

North Port Devil Critics Surface


What good is a flying dragon and alien encounter story without some controversy?, who originally ran the Alien sightings reported in North Port story posted ‘Alien sightings’ called a hoax last Friday, including paranormal investigator Eric Patterson’s quote “This is definitely a hoax, definitely a hoax”.

The North Port Devil story of alien encounters and ‘dragon’ sightings has drawn the attention of MUFON and various UFO and paranormal investigators.

Mike Rowley, owner of the home where the encounters occurred has stuck by his story.

Over the weekend, a commenter, identified only as ‘Me’, posted a link to the complete MUFON report of their investigation. We had previously posted only MUFON’s initial field investigation.

The full document paints a different picture, publishing angry emails from Rowley, as he expresses his frustration concerning how the investigation proceeded.

Parts of Rowley’s email read like sincere pleas as he asks for help concerning something truly frighting and other worldly, other parts rant about dragons and aliens in a somewhat paranoid manner.

I have a concern I need you to understand. I think my whole neighbor hood are dragons. One neighbor , not Paul has a dragon sticker on his truck. I have read a lot about dragons, they can be friendly IF you keep their secrets.remember when i first talked to you, this creature jumped up on our house right when I was calling Marylin. I got the message not to call her. but of course the next day i did.I have to live here with them and am afraid to cross them.Shane holding the camera to his eye could see a creature in that video of the eye in the woods…he says he can see an older grey.All the male neighbors are very strong, as dragons have great strength, i know the print in the ground is real I did not put it there and could pass a lie detector test.I have not seen a print like that anywhere. it resembles dragon prints.

Taken from the end of the report, the MUFON investigator’s conclusion

To date for obvious conflict of interest, no MUFON investigator or management has attended Mr. Rowley’s over night stay. These communications demonstrate the instability and lack of credibility of Michael Rowley (secondary witness) and guardian of Shane Rowley (primary witness). As agreed upon by the Florida MUFON state director G. Bland Paul, based on the actions and behavior Mr. Rowley demonstrated in e-mails depicted above and other means of communication, case number 17015 is completely out of the realm in which Florida MUFON is prepared to enter. It is the opinion of Florida MUFON this case be closed and deemed incomplete due to conflict of interest.

Case 17015 note; Shane Rowley’s testimony never changed and seemed to stay consistent throughout the case. Most of what Shane Rowley stated fit the description of a typical abduction case examples. This portion of the investigation will unfortunately not be examined or investigated further due to the interference of the father, Michael Rowley, and his unpredictable and unstable behavior.

Honestly, if my son was seeing aliens outside his window and dragons were buzzing my home, I might exhibit some ‘unpredictable and unstable behavior’.

Rowley turned to MUFON for help and was frustrated by the results.
He has invited anyone interested to come to his house on September 4th to watch for the North Port Devil.

He has updated his site with the following paragraph.

2 new video’s at you tube, type in north port devil

One video is interview with Mike K who describers the north port devil flying over head.

The other new one is Sue’s eyewitness account of a small cream colored alien, that is child like and child sized, playing hide and seek .

1/2 hour time slots are available starting now to witness these entities. No cameras or you wont see anything, must have a strong interest in the paranormal,and 2 only at a time. Every one come Sept 4th and park on the side of the road for a mile around my house. We know they are making appearances on purpose, a sign to me something big is really going to happen this coming full moon. Sue had a recorder, when she turned it off, the alien was more visible. I am sure the dragon, ( north port devil) is going to make himself known to all.

Please don’t litter or park in front of someone’s house. Critics who scour our streets and claim to be paranormal experts, like mufon and others, you will have your chance to get Photos on the 4th. If you wander around the other side of the north port devil’s woods with a camera now, you will see birds and squirrels and tell everyone there is nothing here.if you want to wander over there to really see something, leave you cameras home. they will be seen when they want to be seen. All science does not have to be photographs. Eye witnesses that see the same things is good too.