Ed Grimsley's UFO Watching Night Vison Goggles

Having problems seeing UFOs?

Have some money burning a hole in your pocket?

Maybe you need a pair of Ed Grimsley’s UFO Watching Night Vison Goggles.

Ed Grimsley is a UFO researcher who is convinced there is a UFO war going on over our heads. His DVD, UFO WARS, contains new footage from Albuquerque, New Mexico of a squadron captured with nightvision and includes Jose Escamilla’s Interstellar film as an added special film. He sells his special UFO Watching Night Vison Goggles to help us all see the UFO war that we are currently missing.

My mission is to show people what is happening in earth space all the time. I want people to start looking through night vision binoculars and see the battles tasking place between aircraft including saucer shaped objects.

To give people a chance for viewing these things I am planning to have skywatch gatherings. With more and more people seeing them, perhaps someone will take notice and report this to the media.

Whoever it is we are battling, it is very serious and a threat to our National Security.
Ed Grimsley

Grimsley got a couple minutes on CNN and was asked about the Texas Fireball from February 2009. He trys to turn it into an infomercial, but seems to be cut a bit short.

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3 thoughts on “Ed Grimsley's UFO Watching Night Vison Goggles

  1. What a silly question…”Why would the Government lie to us?” Please….CNN come on…The Question iss…when is the Gov. telling the truth..

  2. He might not be as off the wall as you assume. Independent astronomers have watched the gathering and exchanged fire of unidentified near space objects for the past several years. There are scads of them up there. Who are they and what are they at war over is definitely a very good thing to ponder. This UFO phenomenon is part of the real 2012 info discussed. These crafts have been seen on Google Earth too. there is satellite photographic evidence of these UFO’s firing at each other. It is suggested that Armageddon may not be fought on solid ground based on what is going on above the clouds.

  3. Ed has come through alot with all the ones who keep people in the dark. Many people will be in shock to find out why the white house had a star party with lots of children in and around the lawn in order to protect the elder’s while pushing into the danger area on the moon. Lots of things that sound crazy are true, the things that sound true are false.

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