Bigfoot Lunch Club takes a sincere and honest approach at tackling the weirdness that is the Bigfoot phenomenon without getting bogged down by the negativity of the skeptics or the fluff of the fanatics. With a heavy dose of humor, bringing us some complex concepts as the not-so-secret BFRLC’s handshake, BFRLC Trading Cards, and the AKA Bigfoot World Map.

The AKA Bigfoot World Map is a great interactive google map showing the different names of Bigfoot-like creatures across the world. From Abnauayu to Yowie, check out Bigfoot and their cousins around the world.

BLC mission Statement
In an effort to explore the mysteries of our world and provide insights into ourselves, the Bigfoot Lunch Club will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the truth concerning Bigfoot. We believe in truly open minds that are not afraid to question both the assumptions of science and the dogma of fanatics. Most importantly, we believe in a world bigger than the sum of our present knowledge that still holds mystery, wonder, and a place for a creature known as Bigfoot.

Expect to see a BFLC topic reposted on Whales In Space every now and then.

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