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No Pants Detecting Technology Required

ParaBreakdown tears into the MK Davis video of bigfoot hopping a fence.

New Sasquatch Video From North Carolina

Thomas Byers submitted this blurry five-second video that shows an ape-like creature crossing the Golden Valley Road located just off Highway 226, to WCNC, an NBC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From the Youtube Channel

On the evening of Tuesday, March 22, 2011 while driving down Golden Valley Church Road I and a friend Carolyn Wright observed the Big-Foot Knobby or one similar to it cross the road in front of the truck we were in and run into the woods. It came from out of the field from the direction of the creek and we later took photos of feet prints in a freshly plowed field. I jumped from the truck and took this video of it as it crossed the road in front of us. At one point in the video it made a snarling growling sound and looked back at me. I also shot the other video posted with this one while I and my friend Carolyn Wright were trying to see where it went to. I heard it breaking branches as it ran out of my sight into very thick brush. If you listen to the other video you can hear me and my friend talking about what just happened in front of us. You can watch and listen to me and my friend talking in the below video.

Many more details at

1. We were in the area going to a old church up on a local mountain to shoot footage to try to capture orbs or something unusual. However the mountain was on fire and the road up to the church was closed. So we were driving around looking for another old church in the area.

2. It was between 7.45 – 8.00 P.M. when the video was taken. It was getting dark and there was no sun light left in the mountain valley where the video was taken.

Is the video to blurry for Bigfoot Lunch Club to deploy their famous Pants Detecting Technology to clear up if this is a real bigfoot or a guy in monkey suit?

Cryptozoologist Christmas Gift

Everyone knows one… A closet cryptozoologist, a self proclaimed paranormal researcher, a ghostie, a bigfoot hunter.
But what do you get them for Christmas?
Well to start, you can get that Bigfoot enthusiast of yours a Fisher-Price Imaginext Bigfoot.

Recently featured on, this hunk of plastic includes a remote control, ball, speech and ‘lots of personality’, the remote control allows him to walk forward and backwards and the six buttons are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise. Hear him roar and watch him pound his fists or raise his arms above his head and shake his fists.

The description says ‘Ages ‘3 to 8 years’ but we think this would be fun for bigfoot hunters young and old alike.
It requires two AA batteries (Rechargeable battery and charger included).

A Big Monster with a Big Personality
Made of hard plastic with a patch of fuzzy synthetic hair on his head, Big Foot executes his movements via remote control and jointed shoulders, elbows, and hips. Designed after the famous mythical monster that inhabits the woods of the Pacific Northwest, Big Foot features movable limbs, brows, eyes, and jaws that offer puppet-like movement. You can also interact with Big Foot directly–he has several buttons on his body that trigger different reactions.

He also comes with two plastic accessories: a red ball that he can throw and a plastic green leaf for fancy. As expected with a toy that walks and tumbles, Big Foot may scuff due to everyday wear, but the plastic is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

A Monster that Burps, Laughs, and Talks
With the wireless remote control, your kids will have Big Foot walking, rolling forward and backward, exercising, sleeping, expressing anger (he’s hungry!) or joy (you’re his buddy!). Your kids can even place the red ball in his right hand and use the remote to have him toss it. This charming monster will also perform random acts via the remote’s wild card button.

With a bank of over 30 phrases, words, and funny noises, Big Foot will amuse your kids with his personality. Not limited by functions on the remote, your kids can interact directly with him by touching his jaw to make him chomp and burp or his belly to tickle him and make him laugh.

You and your children will enjoy hanging out with Big Foot on carpeted surfaces with ample space. He’ll move great on hard floors, but his tumbling and rolling can be loud against such surfaces.

Easy to Set Up
This toy comes with a 7.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack and charger. All you’ll need for set up are two AA batteries for the remote control and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Snap Big Foot’s arm into its socket, put in the batteries, and he’ll be ready to entertain.

What’s in the Box
Big Foot Toy, detachable arm, two plastic toy pieces, wireless remote control, 7.2V Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack, charger, and safety instructions.

Boggy Creek – The Movie

In August of 2009, we covered the claim by Fangoria that a remake of the 1972 uber low budget The Legend Of Boggy Creek was in the works.

Looks likes its ‘done’ and a trailer and other details are online at The movie is due out later this year.

Uggg…. it looks horrible. Sasquatchploitation at its finest worst.

The film is not yet rated and features starlets the likes of Melissa Carnell, from TVs “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and the single named Julin, who you might remember from Killer School Girls from Outer Space and an episode of “The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search”.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

In the photos section, we find several images of people with their guts hanging out (most likely savaged by the boggy creek creature), a couple of the ladies in bikini tops (or without their tops), and plenty of the actresses running, falling down, wading through water and otherwise fleeing from the creature.

More of the same in the trailer.

[flashvideo file=/images/trailer_BoggyCreek.m4v /]

And we were their first Twitter follower.

The original ‘The Legend Of Boggy Creek’ is part documentary with interviews and part dramatic reenactments of reports of the “Fouke Monster” from those who have crossed the monsters path. A strong narrative by Vern Stierman tells the story of the residents of Fouke, Arkansas and the three toed bigfoot like creature that haunts them from the remote swamps and bayous of southern Arkansas.

It may seem I’m a bit too critical of a movie I haven’t seen yet (Boggy Creek Production, want to change my mind? Send me a pre-screen copy. I actually do want to see it). I just feel they have completely lost the essence of what was Boggy Creek. The original was made for $160,000 that was borrowed from a local trucking company to make an instant cult classic, the original “Blair Witch” project. Was it real? Was it fake? It must have been awesome to see that movie at a drive-in during the summer of 1972. The remake seems to have none of that, relying on blood and boobs where the incredible charm of the original was its raw film making style.

And it seems to be set in Boggy Creek, Texas, not Fouke Arkansas. They may explain this in the movie, but the whole background is based on the legend of the “Fouke Monster”. Packing up and moving to Texas is a slap in the face to origin of the story.

Russian Hunter Saves Bigfoot

Did A Russian Hunter Save A Bigfoot?

Russian news agency Itar-Tass is reporting that professional hunter Afanasiy Kiskorov dove into a frozen Siberia river to save a trapped bigfoot.

Kiskorov and a group of other hunters were about 85 miles from the nearest town of Senzaskiye Kichi, when they heard breaking ice and howling. When they investigated, they found a “huge man covered in dark brown fur” trapped in the frozen water, unable to get out.

Kiskorov used a tree branch to help the creature free. The creature then promptly left the area.

Full article “Bigfoot saved from drowning in icy Siberian river”