UFOs Over Hull UK On November 28th, 2009

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On Saturday 28th November 2009 at 22:20 i saw five objects in the sky not
moving very fast and they were all in a line traveling from east to west.
They were lit up around the edge which looked round and a brighter light in
the centre. There maybe an explanation for it but for now i wonder if anyone
else say them.

I asked for a bit more info. It seems the witness was on foot in their garage courtyard. The sky was slightly cloudy and they could “see these things as clear as anything”.

Anyone else around Hull see anything on 11/28?

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2 thoughts on “UFOs Over Hull UK On November 28th, 2009

  1. I saw a ufo over hull in the late 80’s. It flew over me while i was in a car. It was a tringular shape with one red light it had a rectangle shaped back. (no wings) it flew over me and i could clearly see a blue metallic glow from the back. must have been about 50 feet above me. about the size of a bus. could not have been anyrhing but a ufo. not a fireball or a light in the sky. this was a fully manouverable flying craft. keep watching the skies (twitter @skidmarcuk)

  2. In Sunderland on that same night at 18:06 I saw 4 balls of fire streaking through the sky. 2 seperate incidents in short sucession and then 2 in a pair. I have at least 5 witnesses to this event as I was shouting about it so much. All I can describe it as was 4 balls of fire with debris coming off them.

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