San Antonio Police Respond to Bigfoot Call

!! Breaking News !! got a second news source regarding the San Antonio Sasquatch. Today (Dec 2) News 4 WOAI reports the following:

SAN ANTONIO — Police and News 4 WOAI have been getting calls about bizarre sightings. The callers told News 4 WOAI they saw a large, hairy, Bigfoot-type creature at Highway 151 and Loop 1604 on the West Side Monday. Police got a similar call Monday night at the same location. Two weeks ago, News 4 WOAI reported that a monkey or ape of some sort was spotted on Southwest Loop 410. The technicians at J.D.’s Paint and Body Shop showed News 4 WOAI crews footprints on their dumpster, proof of what one described as a “baboon.”

Below is a direct quote from the second news source, Fox 29 San Antonio’s website:

He’s portrayed as a hairy beast, but some question if big foot is even real. He was though, to a San Antonio woman Monday night. At least that’s her story. Just before midnight a woman called police claiming she saw a Sasquatch or big foot like figure… six foot three inches tall, covered in fur carrying a deer into the woods near 1604 and Highway 151. The caller told dispatch she lives in a tent in those woods. According to a police spokesperson, she sounded surprisingly sober. But what is really running in these woods we may never know. Nearby, SeaWorld says they’ve had no reports of missing animals and over at the San Antonio Zoo it’s the same story.

Posted by: Grace White

Below is the a partial of the newscast that broadcasted on Dec 1st. You can get the full video at the Fox 29 SanAntonio

I would love to read the final police report. Do they open a case for every call? If so, does this one remain open until the reported Bigfoot is found? At BLC we will see if this story continues to buzz.

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