San Antonio Sasquatch Follow Up

On December 2nd, EpicGilgamesh of posted San Antonio Police Respond to Bigfoot Call as multiple reports of a bigfoot came in from the San Antonio area, followed by reports of a smaller 3 foot hairy creature also being seen near by.

Whales In Space made an attempt to find someone in the San Antonio area to investigate, look around a bit, take some pictures, ask some questions and see if there was anything else to the story that was not making the news.

We were quite excited when we got a response:

Very interesting. My friend and I may go check out the area and see
if we find anything based on the location given by the caller. If we
do, we’ll take some photos and some video of anything we might find.
We’ll even try to locate the woods resident and see if they will
answer some questions for us. I’ll let you know if we go out to do
it, and what we find if we do. With the weather the way it has been,
we may not find anything at all.

With great anticipation we waited. What would they find? Exclusive Whales In Space photos? The inside scoop?

After several days we got a response.

Found and saw nothing. Nothing really to report. Wish there would have
been, I love stuff like this and UFOs and such.

I emailed back asking specifically where they had gone and if they spoke with anyone…
But nothing back.

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