Orange Orbs Over Chester

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Just seen more than 10 orange orbs flying from west to east over blacon one
after the other with a random gap between them. Strngely this seem to occur
at midnight new years eve and I noticed when looking out of the window to
watch the fire works. All the orbs were glowing orange and no other lights
were visible as with a plane. Should be noted we live under flight path for
Manchester and speake airports so can tell the difference. They all Seem to
be going the same speed and the same direction.

Any one else see these?

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3 thoughts on “Orange Orbs Over Chester

  1. i too saw the orbs. as you describe one after another, random gaps constant speed. it was a 360 glow as it travelled towards me and then over and away. not a stealth fighter as i would first had belived. i live in wiltshire adnd have not seen them before.

    p.s i googled you. suggest you do similar. eyes wide open.

    tim : )~

  2. Hi,

    I saw something similar. Over Belfast Lough on the 27th of December. Looked like 3-4 orange circles. It was a little cloudy and they disappeared behind a cloud.
    I spend a lot of time on the coast of the lough and have seen a few things down there. Lots of falling stars, satellites, planes bound for the City Airport and lights that might be army planes as this is a flightplan for the odd Hercules and others but the Orange orbs were traveling too fast and too bright to be a plane. They weren’t super fast, just faster than normal.


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