More UK Orange Orbs In The Sky

More sightings of orange orbs in the sky over the UK, this time over Essex

Hi, i just looked found your site as i was looking for anywhere that may be able to explain what these orange lights that float silently and at speed across the skies of essex.

I saw one xmas night go across the sky at a fair speed silently in Hornchurch Essex where i live. My son who lives in Chingford which borders essex was with me and it was not the first time he had seen it. He saw 1 in Chingford 2 weeks prior to our xmas day sighting and again last night.

Well while on the phone to my parents today who live in Braintree Essex they told me they saw a strange thing in their skies last night, 7 orange lights.

Well i told them what myself and my son had seen and it got us wondering that if we had seen these lights they must be a common occurance and thats why i am online to see if anyone has found out what they are.

Its a real mystery but i would love to know what they are.

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11 thoughts on “More UK Orange Orbs In The Sky

  1. i saw three orange lights just hanging in the sky over glasgow at about 12.30 am on new years day (just after the bells on hogmany)i know the area very well and they could not have been any light on the top of any structure as i went carried on to my uncles house to wish him a new year i noticed the third one move i thought it might be a helicopter and waited a few minutes but it made no sound (the whole area was quiet) and they appeared very high in the sky but cant say for sure of course i left my uncles house at 3:30 and looked for them but they had gone

  2. I live in Forest Hall, a suburb of Newcastle on Tyne, in the North East of England.
    At around 8:20pm on Christmas Eve (24/12/09), I pulled onto my drive with my wife and young daughter in the car. As we got out our neighbour came to wish us Merry Christmas, and we stood talking on the drive for several minutes. My daughter is 2 yrs old, and was restless, so I started looking for stars with her. Immedeately I noticed what appeared to be a large flaming object in the Eastern sky, at an altitude too high for flares or fireworks.
    I pointed it out to my daughter, saying it was Santa’s sleigh, and then brought it to the attention of my wife and neighbour.
    As we watched, it changed from a spherical shape, when 2 flanges grew from each side, on the lower part of it.
    (All the time we observed it ,it was moving slowly upwards, and appeared to be in orange flames).
    It then changed course, moving horizontally right, and started to diminish, in both size and intensity. Once it had diminished to roughly half it’s original size, the ‘flaming’ nature of it ceased, and it appeared as a dull orange sphere.
    It continued to diminish in intensity, until it was no longer visible.
    I have never seen any thing remotely like it, and nor had my wife or neighbour.
    Anyone else hear any reports from the area of similar sightings?

  3. i have recently encountered this same type of orb. i did video it. go to you tube / north port devil. see Firey shiney north port devil orb ufo. And 5-35 AM every day bright shiney orb ufo

  4. I live in Buffalo NY and last night while I was gazing at the skies I saw an orange orb speeding silently westward and then it zig zag up & down a few times before it went behind a tree in the distance and disappeared. It was the strangest site I have ever seen. Can anyone explain what it is?

  5. I`ve just seen a very bright orange orb type light moving from the west to the east in the night sky. No noise in the sky whatsoever. Moving very fast and it was gone in about 15 seconds from being noticed in the west to disappearing in the east. The sky was hazzy and the moon was just about seen thru the haze. No vapour trail. Thru the haze there appeared to be a cross like appearance but this is probably due the haze distortion. What a shame i didn`t have my mobile or camera witrh me. Stanstead airport is only 15 miles away so they must have seen it on radar. Just who do i tell? If it was a meteor wouldn`t it have has a firery tail?

  6. I saw this with a girl I was with at the time.Three lights, not shining or sparkling lights but more like even glowing orbs of a colour I cannot really remember. Perhaps my friend with me remembers the colour. Anyway, it was the way they moved that was most unusual and memorable. They all moved slowly across the sky together,but in relation to each other they moved in and out, like they were on a three spoked wheel.
    Imagine a bicycle wheel with only three spokes on it. One light was attached to each spoke only and moved in and out from hub to rim, at the same time as the other two, without leaving the imaginary straight line of the spoke it was on. In addition to this movement, the circular wheel part, rotated clockwise and counterclockwise, in no particular pattern of timing .
    It was around 1992 I saw this, over Los Angeles, very clearly.
    I told this to an ex of mine and one day whilst in the bedroom, she startled me with seeing something on TV. I went into the lounge, where the TV was and there on the screen was a computerized video, based on sightings made by many people, of what I had seen that night. She had a good memory eh? And God Bless Her, she remembered it from me telling her in words and visual descriptions with my hands, briefly and only once.
    Anyway, seeing this was incredibly exciting to me as, (it was kinda scary at the same time), it would not have made it so far, if it was faked or explained.
    I do not remember the program or the date it showed.
    Her Dad worked for JPL and although skeptical, had to agree that what I described to him, was inconsistent with anything manmade, to his knowledge.
    I am not a fake. I don’t talk shit. What I saw was there, and anyone is welcome to contact me and question me on this matter, as long as you are genuinely interested in what I saw and have no intention of harming me or my wife.
    There may be footage of what was on TV that day, floating around the internet, but I am yet to find it if there is.

  7. Me again. My post did not show my address.
    This is the first time I have publicly talked about this, although I think about it a lot.
    Perhaps you have seen the same thing and never mentioned it publicly aswell?
    Anyway, that is why I am doin it now. Thanks believers.

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