Mothman Bus Tours has a great promo video of their limited time guided bus tour. Dates are January 30th, February 13th and February 27th.

Call the Reservation Request Line at (304) 812-5211 to reserve seats.

Tours feature:

  • Round trip to the TNT Area, including a visit to the site of the North Power Plant, scene of many original sightings in 1966, and a tour of abandoned igloos
  • During the trip, your tour guide will narrate the pivotal locations and scenes of Mothman encounters
  • Refreshments will be provided on the bus
  • Cameras are welcome, as there will be photo opportunities on the tour
  • All-weekend pass to the World’s Only Mothman Museum Certificate of completion, Mothman Search Team bumper sticker, and other goodies

Tour prices are $19.95 ages 12 and up, $14.95 for kids 11 and under.

The schedule and more info are online.

Promo video for the Mothman Tours, lead by author Jeff Wamsley – (“Behind the Red Eyes” & “Facts Behind the Legend”).- depart from Mothman Museum in downtown Point Pleasant, WV – and venture into the Mothman’s Nesting Site of the TNT AREA. For more info – visit Tour includes: Admission to the world’s only Mothman Museum, Bus tours into TNT Area where Mothman was sighted; silver bridge memorial site, down town Point Pleasant, Mothman Stature, Harris Steak House (Diner portrayed in Mothman Prophesies – located on Main Street); Walking tour off of bus into the TNT Area/Igloos; Site of the North Power Plant – aka “Birdhouse”, and much more!

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