North Port Devil Dragon Clouds

Since his home was first visited by what he believes were aliens in April of 2009, Mike Rowley of North Port Florida has reported seeing ‘dragons’. At one point, Rowley claimed to see “a dragon perfectly formed in my screen saver, flying by”. Rowley also has stated he has seen other ‘dragon signs’ in his neighborhood.
Now he has a very interesting video of a dragon like image in the clouds over his home.

This phenomenon has been happening fairly consistently at Rowley’s home for almost a year, with not a lot of main stream press, possible because of a Morgan Beall’s of MUFON’s odd handling of their investigation and an attempt to label the case a fraud by a local NBC station, which included a dubious paranormal investigator and blatant lies and misinformation.

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2 thoughts on “North Port Devil Dragon Clouds

  1. Was a very weard day. Coming home from Port Charlotte the sky was clear. The closer I got to my house the darker the sky became. At my house the sky looked like a tornado would hit at any moment, but the atmosphere was calm and very quiet. I Checked the weather radar and there were no clouds anywhere on radar.It was just over my house. If you read, you will see i had seen a dragon in my screen saver a year earlier. I had stopped a program to take notes and when I looked up there was a dragon flying by, perfectly formed. When I moved here something huge landed on my roof, my son saw a grey and a reptilian outside his window and lost time.It left a foot print which I made a cast of. You can see the veins in the bottom of its foot.See all my dragon videos at youtube/north port devils channel

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