Giant Flying V UFO Over Olympia WA

Posted October 21, 2009, this sighting of a giant flying V UFO from over Olympia Washington in June of 2005 on caught my attention.

Seems our run of Black Balloon UFOs were proceeded by a boomerang over the same area.

Mid June of 2005

We’re obviously not alone and after my wife & I witnessed a “V” shaped object from our balcony on a clear night over Olympia, Washington. I’m a true believer something in our near future is about to unfold for all of human kind.

The object was “boomerang” in shape with “five” lights… one in front… two on each wing. It was incredibly huge! and blotted out the stars as it flew over.

The craft had to be in low orbit because we both witnessed a satellite flying under the object which confirmed how very “real” this was for us.

It’s probably the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen and has made a major impact towards my beliefs that we are not alone and that something for all humanity is about to unfold.

It also concerns me that the “Mayans” and other past cultures were actually trying to warn us of the upcoming events in 2012. Seeing is truly believing.


Maybe McChord Air Force Base needs to keep a shorter leash on their black opts programs.

Flying V or boomerang UFOs are actually fairly common, often blamed on test flights of B2 Bombers

Check out this video from November 2007

“Its a UFO Jeanie”

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