More Orange Balls Of Light Over South-West Wales, UK

More ORBL sightings over UK skies. Multiple reports from Uplands, Clase, Clydach, Landore, Morriston and Skewen from 7pm to 9.30pm on March 1st.

More UFO sightings in Swansea Bay area

This after other sightings in mid February.

I’m still not buying the Orange Balls of Light Chinese Lantern Theory (ORBLCLT) to explain all these sightings.

My giant flying bioluminescent dinosaurs theory has yet to be embraced by the UFO community, but I’ll keep throwing it out there.

From a July 2009 Whales In Space post.

A recent episode of History Channel’s Monster Quest explored reports of pterodactyl-like creatures that have been seen in the skies of Papua New Guinea. Called a ropen or flying demon, it is said to be bioluminescent and blurry video and photos presented by Monster Quest and monster hunters Paul Nation and Garth Guessman look a lot like the video and photos from the UK and July 4th ORBL sightings.

The natives of Umboi Island of Papua New Guinea have stories of unexplained lights in the skies and tales of giant flying dinosaur like creatures that go back generations. More recent sightings, such as the Duane Hodgkinson “pterodactyl” sighting in 1944 and 1994 Gideon Koro, Wesley Koro, and Mesa Agustin sighting, reporting a huge 20 foot plus wing span on a pteranodon or pterodactyl like creature, a crested head, and in night time sightings a glow or bioluminescent quality.

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