Call From Indrid Cold

In the The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel documented that several people received mysterious phone calls that only had beeping or loud screeching noises when they answered them during the 1966 Mothman Flap. Other calls were interrupted by static or disconnected entirely. The problems were not limited to phones, police radios and televisions were also affected in the area of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966.

Other weird calls to Keel during this time were credit to Indrid Cold, sometime thought to be a Grinning Man, sometimes an alien, often telepathic, always creepy.

I got a odd call and message today, left on my (571) 24WEIRD voice mail.

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17 thoughts on “Call From Indrid Cold

  1. definitely creepy.. next time, perhaps you should say something. like ask him what will happen to us in 2012. he is after all a messenger from some where

  2. Ive been in contact, with the likes of Indrid Kuld (Cold). He or it, rather is a tricky subject to talk about.
    I began researching that which is Indrid Kuld in the 1990’s after being exposed to a United States Airforce officer in the 1980’s; who had ties to “Skunk Works.” Indrid Kuld is, to make a long story short, not human. Which is the most important thing to know about such an entity. This is in reference to the Indrid Kuld as mentioned and described in the book, Mothman Profecies. Im not here to start a UFO movement or religious movement of proprietary sentiments. Indrid Kuld, for whatever reason, is such a being, for lack of a better term, which has been incorperated into the electronic infrastructure of the world. He uses electronic equipment in a very strange way. This is why he typically contacts people, for whatever reason via the telephone. I happen to be one of those seemingly unfortunate people. The case of Indrid Kuld is a well documented case and frankly quite a frightening one if you ask me. The last time I was contacted by Indrid Kuld, he did contact me via the telephone after a personal encounter. Indrid Kuld is neither a demon or an angel; friend or foe. Hes just there doing whatever he does for whatever reason he has. Some of us know what he wants. Hes like a spiritual salesman. Some of us know what hes selling and what his price is. If Indrid Kuld ever happens to get ahold of you, my best advice is for your to run for your life. These things, these entities are cunning, capricious and abarrent. They are poised to teach, but they really cant help us. If however you are interested in more information then feel free to contact me at Only serious inquiries are welcome.

    1. I had an experience many years ago that i can’t explain. I need to know everything about Indrid Kuld that i can. Please!

      1. It is true what Juan said below about Indrid. That nothing good comes from this entity. I my self have been at this so-called contactee thing my whole life and Im just now starting to learn about what to do with my experience. Indrid or rather the entities we refer to as Indrid are harmful, but what if you are in contact with him or ‘it,’ unwillingly? Then what? I look back at my old postings about Indrid and I used to be very excited about it all. Now, Im more cautious. On the one hand, I know that this is going to keep happening to me and all I can do is try to keep a level head about it. I too, still get the strange phone calls. Very strange. Im surprised with each new phone call I get. But, it doesnt mean the same thing to me as it did, the last time I shared my story on this web site. Indrid and the likes thereof can be an overpowering affair. It can change you and it can get you into trouble. I know Im posting this reply quite some time later, to Frank. But, Im sure other people have the same question. Im not fascinated with Indrid, like I used to be. Its dangerous… The effect it can have. But, there’s nothing I can do about it and thats not an issue. I believe that Indrid must come from another world via the means of of a magnetic anomaly, either near to or on the earth its self. But, that doesnt tell us much about it. I do believe in the UFO theory. But, I think that whatever these entities are, for the most part they arent a physical or material life form. We should build protective measures against these things, such as what John Winston said below. But, I feel that that isnt possible. There are other names for these entities. Such as: Wendigo, Archons, Jinn, and shadow people. Relatively speaking, its all the same set of entities. They’re coercive and captivating. But, for me now, I try to avoid the phenomena and Im not so willing to give my self to it any more. In the past, I had too much faith in Indrid. Which is just one way of describing this phenomenon. If you are someone whom is experiencing a similar situation, then, I recommend the book: The Art of Dreaming; By: Carlos Castaneda. With that said, this is a dangerous book. What Im talking about shouldnt be intruded upon without knowing that bad things could happen to the one who does. Its like that movie; Hellraiser… Where some people find a small magical box… They open it and the entities take over. Be prepared. Also, what Im saying this for someone who is already there, in such a quagmire as mentioned. Its one thing to be stuck with this influence. But, to seek it out, just to see what its like… I dont think thats a good idea. I did mention Carlos Castaneda. But, that doesnt mean I believe or agree with everything he said in his books. One thing I like about his version of the ethereal, is that his teachers generalized the context of what these entities are. Which works for me now, as in the past I was carried away by the thrill of it. Castaneda’s books describe these entities as ‘inorganic beings.’ Its a generalization and that can be very helpful. As, the world around us has rules and no matter what Indrid Kuld or some other entity of the like may promise, you still have to deal with such a thing with a level head.

        1. I wanted to add one more comment. I forgot to use my middle name in the last comment I posted, as I was unclear about the posting rules. I go by my middle name and I use my name when it applies, online, as people who share such a story have a voice just like everyone else. If it werent for forums and websites such as this one, then many of us would be more at odds with our experience. What I can do at this point, in my experience is to not let it affect me. This website has been a coping tool for me and I understand that not everything I have said in this Mothman section will be helpful, to others.
          These days I feel I have a better grasp on what Im doing with my experience and Im not so quick to trust something which can change dramatically over time. Ive learned a great deal along the way and Ive grown a bit more, than when I first started to share my story. In my ongoing research into this topic, Ive learned to take what I needed from the research material and to leave the rest. Ive come to a point where Im making more use out of my experience, which changes over time as I always need to adjust to the phenomenon. Indrid can lie. I learned that the hard way. As far as strange Indrid phone calls… The last one, which I think came from said phenomenon was as follows and I let most of my calls to go to voicemail, since the calls are so strange. This phone call is in my voicemail. The call first sounded like someone walking with a phone in their pocket. As I could hear the footsteps, the motion of the walking became melodic, like a needle on a record player. In the back ground there are people saying something, but its too faint. Then the talking turns into whispers, also which was unintelligible. Throughout the phone call, theres this sort of whomp-whomp sound, which sounds like a machine of some kind. Then the whomping becomes more and more loud and the call cuts out. I say that this call, isnt from a prankster. But, it could be. Its just that over the years the phone call thing has been part of my experience. Why? So, over the years Ive had many of these types of phone calls, which I associate with the Mothman phenomenon. These calls, would take quite a bit of work for someone to produce, as their are always new calls, which have a completely different message. Why would someone do all of that, but not get much out of it? It is what it is.

  3. Dear Madam: Sir,

    Concerning my last Indrid posting; I made the mistake of not mentioning who my Indrid-information is for, which resulted in uninterested parties who contacted me, which is OK, but not very interesting. I do have information concerning Indrid Kuld, for certain viewers who have a legitimate reason to know it. If you are someone who has had experience with dealing with the likes of Indrid, then feel free to contact me. If not, then I cant help you with that. As well; Im posting this here and not in an Indrid Kuld forum or Indrid support group, because I dont need to be told what a Kuld is and so on and Im not trying to be rude; Im just trying to fit my information about it, to the people who could actually use it…
    Indrid and the likes are a very destructive force. So, this isnt about the betterment of man, not to them. People, who develop a fascination for such a thing, tend to fail to realize that… That, they’re here to help us and all that other crap. On the same token, there are such creatures in existence, similarily situated, who can and do help us, but, the nation of the Indrid’s aint them. So, in this manner, the Indrid-Kuld, so-called saviors, Gods and messengers are the ones grand-standing with what they’re doing, for the fact that they out number the other ‘types,’ who could care. For that reason, their so-called messages of profecy and what not, have filtered down to the human and quite naturally they believe that what the alleged ‘angels,’ have to say is the only alternative reality available to them. Not true. The ‘nation of Indrid,’ is a very negative enterprise. For whatever reason they have, they decided to be the ones to come here and predict horrible disasters. In that same light, one would assume that they are the ones causing the disasters, which they predict and essentially thats true. Imagine ‘them,’ telling you what your future is or imagine them telling you when you are going to die or what the fate of the earth is, after they have proven to you that they are never wrong about their predictions and on top of that imagine that all of their predictions revolve around death and destruction… Thats what they do. Furthermore, the deaths and or disasters they predict are unchangeable, in that the predicted destruction cant be stopped. Its true that some things could be changeable in some cases, but thats far from the point, which is, they aint really trying to help anyone and yes, they dont help me either. They’re loaded with predictions, funky sayings that they wake you up with at 3:00 am, phone calls that are loaded with obscure information yet its still intelligeable and so on. They’re useless. The only thing I can do with their predictions, is make my plans as such to avoid any disasters I may need to, which may effect me and typically they predict grandiosities and large scale stuff that one or even 100 people couldnt do anything to change. They grand-stand with their homicidal predictions and what, expect the people who they predict to, to show everyone else what is going to happen, because they’re supposed to feel guilty if they dont? Yeah right. My argument to that, is if the Indrid needs to tell people about the catastrophies they cause, then they need to tell it to the so-called ‘non-believers,’ their self. So, in those respects, the Indrids in question have always limited their manipulations to a minority of people and that should show the maliciousness of the phenomena. It aint no God-Damn mental illness either, although, the phenomena does behave like a social disease, in that the Indrids tend to spread their nonsense to the people who know the so-called contactee and that theme is present in most all the other phenomena of similarity, which reminded me when posting this to tell the viewer that if they dont have any experience with the Indrids, then please dont contact me per an informant need.
    The name Indrid Kuld, is a strange one. Like all names, it denotes a personality and a personalism, which is exactly what Indrid is not. The Indrids in question are essentially intelligences that are totally impersonal, heartless and cold blooded. If you think a serial killer is bad, they dont even compare. I could easily say, that if there is such a thing as the devil and demons, that they’re all more or less a bunch of Indrids…. …same difference. The name Indrid Kuld, seams like perhaps a Russian or German name, or maybe Slovic. I dont know. One would ask me why Indrid hasnt killed me… …cant answer that either. What I can say, is that Indrid, like all others of the same variety, expect the so-called ‘contactee,’ to sell out to them. In my case, Indrid has invested quite a bit of informational gems, which is strange, because I never told said Indrid that I want what he ‘it,’ has to offer and theres more to it than just predictions. So, in this manner, what that amounts to is me pilfering and stealing his secrets and he doing the same to me. One of those secrets being that the general person would assume that an Indrid Kuld is male and thats not the case. Most of these creatures are female. In their case, they can appear to the person as anything they want but most of them have been engendered with female attributes. In fact, when they communicate with what you could call one of their victims, often times they even use a female voice, human-like of coarse. What they want, is to be like a human being in terms of experiencing what a human experiences in this world. We know about them in a subliminal way and they know about us in a deliberate, serreptitios, yet intentional way. One of the interesting things about the Indrid Kuld story, is that Indrid is deduced as someone who can pass for a human being and is neither considered to be an alien, angel or demon. However, what Indrid is, is basically an extraterrestrial, which comes from another world, simply by intending to do so or just by thinking about it, theres no space-ship involved. Our world to Indrid, is like a movie screen and he is like a character in a movie which is being projected on to this world from his. Its sort of like that. So, they arent all that real on the one hand, but are very real on the other. I hope you enjoyed this reading and I hope it sheds some light on the issue.

    1. Hello,
      I too had an encounter, so to speak, with this Indrid. I just posted it on here and it is waiting approval. This encounter was in the form of the usual phone calls, although the calls I received were strange garbled sounds, static, pulsing sounds etc. I started receiving these calls in early 2008 right before the big economic downturn of that year where people lost their homes and jobs left and right (I happened to be one of the unfortunate and my entire world came crumbling down) and throughout ’08 I constantly kept getting these calls. And yhen it culminated in what I truly believe was an encounter with Indrid. You can read the details once my posting gets approved.
      Also, Do you think that maybe the name Indrid Cold might be an anagram for something else?

  4. RE: Latest Word From: Indrid-Nation.

    Dear Madam: Sir,

    Id like to thank those who responded to my last postings about Indrid Kuld. Id also like to thank the moderators for taking the time to post my comments on their front page, so to speak.
    Concerning the last person to respond to my informant-solicitations about Indrid… They came away from the exchange feeling ‘threatened,’ and thats understandable, because my informing is mostly for those who need help dealing with their own personal “Indrid-Problem,” or they wish to use my informing for upon the bases of expanding on Indrid’s own accomplishments and extraordinary abilities. Presently; there is a person who is doing such expanding on Indrid’s abilities per my informing to them and its working well. This person has a rare form of anemia and another life threatening disease. They, like many others are poor and cant afford safe, fare and adequate treatment for their medical conditions, so in this matter; Indrid has been directed to them to help them per their consent and their diseases are healing quite quickly. Several weeks ago, the person was in preliminary shock and was in rough shape, but now that Indrid has intervened, the person recently has reported not having any symptoms. It is more than likely that if this person learns how to use Indrid’s interventions, that their diseases will be cured completely. Its up to them to succeed in their case. The reason I was able to inform the person about Indrid in the ways they needed, was for the reason that they are a close friend and had seen me work other miracles at other times with Indrid’s interventions. It took several hours on the phone with this person and about a 40 page letter to explain who and what Indrid is and how to use their mysterious properties. So, in this regard; If you believe that, Indrid has a pragmatic and practical side. Indrid is as I have already described before and does help people in these situations, but not very often and if Indrid likes the person.
    One of my short comings here, is that Im not quite at liberty to charge money for my informing; I dont believe in doing that. However, when someone like me doesnt charge money for their services in and of Indrid, it causes the informant sessions to be viewed as non-legitimate business practices and creates an atmosphere where people in general feel like they’re being conned. If I wanted to charge money for the Indrid-sessions, which at some point in the future; I may do, it would make the informing more useful to the informee, but on the other hand they would have to pay money for the information and I dont think thats necessary.
    Indrid is here today, right now in this world to rattle and shake the core of the humans world, in their attempts to exist comfortably as they act diametrically against that comfort, every step of the way. With disease as one of those examples. To Indrid and her kind, there is no such thing as disease. On the one hand, Indrid would agree that a persons disease, has an actual reference point, such as a microbe or a virus, but at the same time according to Indrid, the virus or microbe are imaginary fears that the person has developed from childhood and shows the person how to cure their disease, in very mysterious ways, with one of those ways of simply believing that their disease doesnt exist. In more complete terms, what Indrid would recommend in such a case of believing that the disease exists, is for the person to know, without thinking, that their disease is a figment of their imagination and as long as they know it is, then they wont be sick. There is more to it then that, but the base premise for an Indrid-Intervention is more or less based on this idea, which isnt such a new idea per se, however, with Indrid, she has the power to dial in all the according numbers and equations and push the remedy into the green zone more quickly than usual. In one example, we have the case of the man who invented the cure for the disease known as polio. He did in fact tackle the disease with cutting edge science, but his cure never would have happened if he hadnt given the cure, to the public without asking for not one red cent. He didnt ask for anything for his miraculous revelations, thats extraordinary, its an achievement and an act of superior strength that will stand alone for eternity as long as there is someone there for it to mean something to. In the case of Indrid, she is similar in those respects, but in her case she requires a certain type of individual who can profit from her revelations. The point is that, yes there was an actual polio cure and at the same time the cure was a cure because the person who invented it wasnt focussed on imaginary ideals or chasing rainbows, when they realized that perhaps they had a gift for others, which transcends thought alone and that right there can move mountains, which it has.
    One thing which will decrease confusion for the reader is that Indrid, is in fact female. Indrid is a she and not a he. Of course Indrid likes to show her self to people as a man in black etc, but she is in fact female. Indrid is like some sort of creature like a space-camellian, that can change its shape, color and appearance at will in the blink of an eye. She’s perhaps like a big chunk of ethereal silly-putty that can make its shape in to anything. Think for example about how a body builder molds their body into basically a different shape than what they started out with and magnify that ability by infinity and thats what Indrid is capable of. It sounds unbelievable and whats more unbelievable than that, is that Indrid and her kind, walk among us, you in fact have met an Indrid at some point in your life and didnt realize it. We are only aware of what we want to be, when we want to be aware of it.
    Indrid is as said, quite a vicious creature and has caused many a tragedy. As well, Indrid has performed good deeds for certain people and I wish there was some way to covert her into sort of a great helper instead of her usually being a monster. I know what Indrid’s problem is and me like anyone else cant help her. Only that I can be her buddy and show her some care and concern, because she identifies with me. Its so terrible. She’s a very sad and tormented creature and I hope some day she finds what she needs. Indrid wasnt always a monster or a demon. She was more like an angel at one time and terrible things happened to her and now she does what she does most of the time.
    Indrid and the other ones combined with human life, in the cosmos, is sort of like a giant tinker-toy set which has been conformed to a big checker board. In that schemata, the hubs of the tinker-toy set are the humans and the sticks that attach to the hubs are the Inrdids. In this array the hubs are fixed and stationary and the sticks are mobile. As well if a hub can move, it has to move to the areas of the white squares and when the sticks move, they can move to any square at any time. With the squares being every facet of life on earth and beyond. As well the white squares would be the humans world and so in this way, each white square may seem like a different place, time or situation, but each white square is the same place more or less and Indrid can manipulate all of the squares as any Indrid does and the human being is limited to its earthly devices and cant act deliberately nearly most of the time. On the other hand, the reality of the human’s world seems to be real enough, however the humans world is actually the mental-energetic projections of human beings and of course the Indrid’s wishes, which obscures what is happening, right under the surface. Human beings have been engendered with having ‘naturally-occurring-blinders.’ In Indrid’s case, she doesnt have any blinders and in some cases she likes to take off certain people’s blinders and I happen to be one of them. It may sound impossible for the human’s world to be merely a place of make-believe, but look at it this way… …is it not true that the reality that people build conforms to their wishes and if it doesnt, then in that case is the unwishing-persons conformity a product of what someone else wants? This world for example as shown to me by Indrid is very, very small. So, small, that when I saw it for the first time, it mystified and infatuated me, but was just as terrifying. When Indrid showed me this world, she explained what it was and what it is about and showed me what those things are. She claimed that this is a prison-world, like a penal colony, simply for the human being who happens to have been unfortunate enough to be imprisoned. The hardest thing for me to understand about her secrets was why would it be this way for people. She showed me, after I had heard about it before, that the problem mankind has, is because the problem is in the person. Life sucks for a human being, because it is in them, and there isnt anyone or anything else to blame. Another thing I learned with Indrid’s help and others, is that people have the sense of having a feeling of motion, that they are moving and going somewhere, when they think they are. It was shown to me this way… A human being, when they are born are sort of dropped into a flowing river. So, they move downstream. After a while, the person gains the conviction, that life in there case, is to move down the path of a river. Then, a moment comes and they go down a water fall. When they reach the bottom of the water fall, they are dunked under the water. After that, they resurface down stream, but they are now in an eddy, created by the water fall and the current and the shape of the river at that place and time. So, there, they spin around and around and around and that gives them the sense of motion like they had before only now, they are going in circles and not in a definitive direction. So, the person remains there for the duration of the remainder of their life until they die, never knowing what is actually happening to them. Indrid, also showed me, that this illusion-like prison-condition has been imposed on to human beings extraneously, yet it isnt a totally involuntary condition. In order to see this very small prison world, what the person has to do, is, in the tinker-toy schemata, move from a white square on to a black one. In fact, every point in space and matter is such a square of a checker-board and there is a part of a person that allows such movement thereof and the point in doing that is for the person caught in the circular eddy to move their self back into the main flow of the river and in order for the person to do that, they have to convert their thinking of thoughts and classifications into senses of knowing, without having any thoughts. Indrid, is like that. She isnt a thinker, she’s more like a creature that just does stuff and doesnt care to think about how its done. She and her likes is a very impersonal creature and she’s possessive and jealous. She’s possessive of me and she’s jealous of me, when I attend to others. Also; I dont remember if I mentioned this before, but Indrid, when she looks like she really is, is very, very beautiful. Imagine the most beautiful looking woman that could possibly ever be and thats what she looks like.
    When I had my first dealings with Indrid earlier in my life; I like any other kid in my predicament, associated the strange Indrid as a ghost or some sort of alien that had a space ship etc. As time went on; I began to view her more and more in calculated ways such as processes of elimination and probability. Then, as a young man a point came where I realized that there wasnt any association between Indrid and an actual space ship; I imagined that she flew around in. For all the while; I had seen only a few so-called UFO’s in the course of my life and so I figured that Indrid had to be something other than that. However, there was one time that there was an encounter with a so-called UFO, but up until that point, my dealings with Indrid were at a level of suppressing my feelings about her and my situation, because thats what my friends and family wanted me to do. Like the imaginary friend a boy has, but the imaginary friend doesnt leave and actually exisits. The UFO encounter, consisted of a UFO that attacked me and some of my friends, in a wilderness area in California. Although there must have been a link with the UFO and my secret life with Indrid, all in all; I had to admit that Indrid was so strange, that it couldnt be possible for her to fly around in UFO’s, that wherever she came from, she had to have come here on much less controllable terms and thats what I was afraid of at the time. In the early years of my secret life with Indrid; I just told my self that she was such and such and so and so according to things that could be controlled, which is what people want to believe about aliens and Indrid’s, because, they can be downright frightening. When I came to the conclusion that Indrid was uncontrollable and that there was virtually no information available about her; it put me in a cold sweat. For a time, others tried to make me believe that I was insane or mentally ill and I played into that stereotype for quite some time, which was useful but only to a minimal degree. Then several years ago; I got fed up with that and reached a point, where I saw the advantages in Indrid’s way and chose between her’s and the way of people in general. As well; I had nothing else to loose and really no one else or anything else to believe in. Although Indrid was coercive and forceful at times, my life was what it was and a moment came when there wasnt anything else to do, but take advantage of what Indrid was going to do to me any way. Once I accepted that, doors started to open. I became capable of doing things that for my whole life before were impossible and I gained a strange degree of control over my life and what I want to do, which would defy your imagination. All the magical fables and miraculous promises I had read in my scripture, started to come true and at this point, nothing is impossible, in fact life for me has become a matter of having what I want simply by wishing for it and it keeps getting better and better. On the other hand; I had to endure many torcherous conditions, such as those who tried to kill me because Indrid liked me and Im coming out of that too, almost there. Fortunately; Indrid doubles a my body guard and she’s been a great help in that area, by showing me in the past how to use her for that, in the areas of introducing Indrid to the people who try to destroy magical things, at the places and times they least suspect it. For me, its been a rocket-ride and there is the area of the demonology I work at, however, not every Indrid is the same. For the most part, most Indrids are quite demonic, so thats true. But this Indrid in question here has turned my life into something that I cant describe. Also; Indrid, she looks like an actual form, like a woman, with a certain skin tone, body type, eye color, hair style, physique, clothing style and so on. She actually has a name. She has a home, but I dont know if its the only place she lives; I doubt it. She has like and dislikes. One thing she likes, is music. Not only songs that are sung and played, but a very peculiar yet beautiful kind of music she has of her own and when I visit her, thats what we do.
    I hope you have enjoyed this account and have a good day.


  5. RE: Indrid’s Effect on Me and Others.

    Dear; Madam; Sir,

    This article, is about the wedge between me and the female companions; I have loved and still do. Its been so hard, in these areas and so sad, so terrible, to the point that my pain has erased my inner person.

    Title: FIRST LOVE (Version From an Unknown Artist to me)

    The first thing there, that mattered then, was the Glowing-Girl, who became a friend
    The one like you, just like tho one like you

    A door had opened and our words were fun, turning the meanings into the sun
    A Glowing-Star like you, just like the one like you

    Here; I am; I havnt gone away… …sometimes I watch you, in your dreams you hear me say…
    That you know, what you mean to me, and this thing wont ever stop me
    Not from loving you, this is what I do; I love a girl like you, just like the one like you

    But; I ran; I ran so far away
    Tried to escape, the one who makes it this way
    I ran; I ran all night and day
    Just to find, that’s where she always waits

    Evil in the midst of the walk down on the street
    But; I crouch on Puck’s head and hope to somehow see, the one who feels like you, just like the one like you
    So many bricks in place inscribed with what the Mason’s say, about a girl like you, just like the one like you
    *And; I know, that you dont understand, that Im not what you think I am, but no one is and I miss, the feeling of your kiss, its so far away, unless you come and play

    So; I ran; I ran so far away
    Yes; I ran; I ran all night and day

    Just to find, that its just this way, but for your dreams; Im not going away; I promises to always stay, with a girl like you, the one who’s just like you
    The one who’s just like you


    The first time; I noticed it, was in the touch made by her kiss, it felt so much like you, just like the one like you, just like the kiss of you
    Her lips, her nose, the style of her hair, the same sound of her voice in the air; she wore the same clothes like you, just like the one like you

    *And I know, that it isnt right
    *And I know, what she will want tonight
    *And I ran; I ran so far away
    Yes; I ran; I ran all night and day
    Just to find, that you still hurt inside
    Understand an overwhelming force, there is no man, who out runs her fire
    So, some day, it wont be this way and I’ll be the one you want to see and I’ll run; I’ll run so far away, wait, wait for me and stay
    I will run; I’ll run all night and day
    I wish for my life, that was taken away, to share with you, a girl like you, just like the one like you

    Waiting for the moment, upon the marble statue as I crouch and wait, becoming one of her and its too late, the fear in what I do, makes me think of you, and what I am, the one I want to be, this drug of choice of her, the fear she puts in me, its so intense and it blows away, the petty things: I dont need to pray, understand: I will be one of her, in time and there’s no other way, but I play and pray if you want to pray

    So; I ran, from the fact that there is no you for me
    I ran away, so far away, here I am all night and day; Peter Pan wants you to come and play and I wait, by the lamp take my hand, take my hand

    For me there was no time; I had to tell you this way, there is no other way, for me to say, that I love, a girl like you; I’ll never stop the love I feel for you
    Take my hand, take my hand


  6. I’ve watched the Mothman Prophecies and i just wanted to know as any one heard indrid’s voice? Also how do you come in contact with him?

    1. You can’t….if it feels the need…it will contact you and you will be just another one of the unlucky few who gets contacted. Just keep in mind, nothing good ever comes out of being contacted by this entity.

  7. Hello
    There was a time not too long ago, ’08 I believe, when I would get quite a few strange calls on my cell phone…nothing resembling ordinary human sounds like the sound of someone breathing or rubbing the phone against something, you know, common sounds. Instead, I would hear static and strange pulsing or electrical popping types of sounds. The calls would last anywhere from 30 seconds to so long that I would get tired of listening and just hang up. But when I did hang up on whatever or whoever it was, it would immediately call back!! So I would have to turn my phone off completely. This, to me, was proof that these calls weren’t just anomalies, but were associated with some form of intelligence. Another strange thing, is that on my caller I.D. it would always say “unknown number” and there was never a name associated with the call. During this same period of time, I was going through alot of serious personal issues. This was during the big economic downturn of ’08 and people were losing their jobs left and right, and I was among the unfortunate. It got to the point where I had to sell my home, put all my belongings in storage, and move back in with my retired parents! And one night, and I think this is quite significant, I was talking in my sleep, but not just babbling, I felt as if I was actually having a conversation with someone or something. The talking was such that it eventually woke me up and as I was coming around I saw a figure standing at the foot of my bed. But I have to mention that as creepy as that was, I felt no fear at all. So as I completely woke up, this figure turned and literally disappeared through the wall. I sat there totally perplexed as I tried to remember what exactly I was saying to this entity. But after that incident, the phone calls slowly stopped, but not completely. I still get them even though I have changed my number and cell phone carrier a couple of times already, but they are few and far between.
    I have no Idea what to make of this. Im trying to be open and as objective as possible, but I haven’t a clue.
    On another note, do you think that the name “Indrid Kuld (Cold)” might be an anagram for something else? I am going to give it a try and see what I come up with.

  8. The moth man is ready to strike don’t you fools get it? We must begin building forts and preparing a woodland resistance as we fight off the unknown. We can’t fail as humanity as we know it depends on us. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

  9. anagrams for “Indrid Cold”:

    Coddle Rind
    Coed Dirndl
    Code Dirndl
    Clod Ridden
    Cold Ridden
    Con Diddler
    Con Riddled
    Corn Diddle
    Corn Lidded
    Clod Ed Rind
    Clod End Rid
    Clod Den Rid
    Clod Rend Id
    Clod Nerd Id
    Clod Red Din
    Cold Ed Rind
    Cold End Rid
    Cold Den Rid
    Cold Rend Id
    Cold Nerd Id
    Cold Red Din
    Cod Led Rind
    Cod Lend Rid
    Cod Rend Lid
    Cod Nerd Lid
    Doc Led Rind
    Doc Lend Rid
    Doc Rend Lid
    Doc Nerd Lid
    Cord Led Din
    Cord Lend Id
    Cord End Lid
    Cord Den Lid
    Corn Did Led

    I like “Con Diddler” the best. LOL!

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