Orange Balls Of Light Over Lime Rock, Connecticut

Tonight after watching the Lime Rock, CT July 4th fireworks, a formation of 4 orange lights (small bright dots) appeared in the sky, moving in a straight line. There was no sound. The first one seems like it was moving faster towards the North, as the other were following, but fanning out. All one by one disappeared above us. A dozen people surrounding us witnessed the event without a clear plausible explanation.
A few moments after the first ones disappeared, two more would appear, then disappear within a few minutes. Then more would appear again.
As it was night, it was hard to tell if these dots were coming from the south over the horizon or ascending miles away, before disappearing in the stratosphere. The point of origin was though multiple, spread out from west to east.
Like all who were with us, I have never seen something like this before.
I would be curious to hear any comments in regards to this sighting…as I have no clear explanation.

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23 thoughts on “Orange Balls Of Light Over Lime Rock, Connecticut

  1. I saw these lights also around 10 pm with three other people and it was exactly the same as you posted but we saw 5 or 6 lights moving at the same speed in a pattern we were in terryville ct.

  2. We just saw the same thing. A single orange/red light. Made a square over our house, then headed east, then paused for a good 2 minutes and then went straight up into the air until it disappeared. No noise at all and was very smooth. We live in Lake Park, FL and it happened at 10:35 pm on 7/4/10.

  3. I was at a family BBQ in Ridgefield CT on Saturday 7/3. Somewhere between 9:30p – 10:30p I was looking up at the sky admiring the stars when I saw a light dashing past. It went straight acrodd the sky then up and around a bit then straight again. It was not a falling star because it was traveling across the sky in a straight line. It was not a plane because it was going to fast and it had no blinking lights. I called a few family friends over to witness it right along with me. After about 30-45 seconds the light just disappeared. We were all in awe !

  4. My friends and I saw the red/orange objects in the sky last night, July 3 right around 10pm in Terryville CT. There were at least six or seven traveling the same speed in a line. They were not very far in the distance and at first we thought it was ambers from nearby fireworks that were going off. They seemed to come from the exact spot were the fireworks were going off. There were three in a perfect triangular shape and the other 3 or 4 were in front and behind the triangle. We chased them down the road until 1 by 1 they disappeared. I was able to take pictures of them with my iphone. The pictures did not look like much until we zoomed in on them. They have distinct shapes to them where as to look at them live last night they just looked like balls of light. A friend of ours who was in Wolcott CT about 15-20 minutes away saw them just a couple minutes after us. We asked him to discribe what he was seeing, it was the same thing!!! At that ponint we knew that we had just seen something unexplainable. Did they come to watch the fireworks?????????

  5. Oh and did you see the youtube video from Moscow on July 3rd. It is the same thing that we saw…….. scary.

  6. On July 5th, 2010 at approximatly 10pm I was also admiring the clear sky and the stars were bright. I saw a bright orange object in the sky decending slowly. I was so in awe that I just watched it. It was traveling slow and in a straight line from the West to the East. Before it faded in the distance I got my husband so he could see what I had seen. It was much smaller by the time he got to the window. It was moving to slow to be a falling star, a meator, space junk or even a plane. I live in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Did anyone else see this in MO?

  7. since i clearly tend to self-medicate potential life-or-death fears, or global, species-changing events, with sarcasm, please allow me to apologize and recant my last posting. i can assure you i truly, truly saw objects that i truly, truly, cannot account for.

    approx 10 pm on hitchcock lake in wolcott, ct, in between bouts of fireworks on two closely-separated small-ish lakes, my friends and i saw these glowing orbs. not sure of the direction they were moving, but they were PERFECTLY lateral, seeming manned somehow, and at a very slow, regulated speed. not affected by any wind or gravitational, helium-caused trajectory. an eerily slow, perfect horizontal line fairly close to the tree line (from our perspective), maybe 600 to 700 feet up overall?

    what we saw were three consecutive objects following the same (from our perspective), right-to-left movements, of two or three seperate objects, with each new one appearing shortly after the prior one’s complete disappearance, with maybe 50 seconds in between.

    each object had an indefinite shape, in terms of illumination. however, there was a bright red-to-orange glow of fire towards the front of whatever was traveling. the shape of whatever the object’s true borders or mass were basically obscured by the fire-like glow and intensity of whatever seemed to be occuring at it’s most forward-area. it was not a flashing of any kind of light that was bright, to-less-bright,back tobright, as any mechanical, man-made craft could have. this was an erratic, very engine-fire, or cock-pit fire-looking, object that slowly moved across a fairly short distance of sky.

    after noticing how inconsistent of a fire-esque pattern it was producing, i think we all expected a small cessna plane or something to have engine failure and start to plummet towards the ground, but it did not. without altering its (declination or right-ascension) at all, the glowing strange object-fire seemed to put itself out and disappear.

    roughly a minute later, an exact replica of what i just described occured exactly at the first one’s starting point, at the exact same pace and for the exact same length, with the exact same large-dying-ember-sporadic-intensity of light, and died out again approx 90 seconds later, in the same spot as the first one, covering a distance i can only guesstimate as about 12 miles in the air.

    i believe a third exact replica repeated this exact occurance. i am positive i witnessed at least two, the first two.

    i particularly find this pretty dumbfounding because after the last instance, there was about 45 seconds before i walked up to my friend’s deck, on that wolcott lake, and had received a text from friends in naugatuck, ct, literally reading “did you just see a UFO?”.

    something to think about.

  8. Detroit, Michigan
    July 3rd 2010 10:30 pm (approx time)
    6/7 bright orange/red circular objects moving northeast. First 3, equally spaced, followed by unevenly spaced but in same path. Total time in sky approx. 3 min’s.
    July 3rd 2010 11:45 pm (approx time)
    Same sequence as 10:30 event, spacing may have been slightly changed by still in same line and following each other. Stright line, no pattern.
    July 4th 2010 1:05 am (approx time).
    Same sequence as previous two events.
    3 orbits or spread out in 3 groups, not sure ?

  9. Was at the same Limerock CT show on July 3rd. We saw just what you did. It almost appeared that all but the original four and one other appeared to almost rise out of the State forest on top of Sharon Mtn. Hard to tell. All I know is that I haven’t seen anything like it around here in twenty plus years, when there was the night of light in the Harlem Valley in Dutchess county NY. Which by chance is only 10 to 15 mins from Limerock. You tell me what it was?

  10. I saw the same exact orange/red orb in the sky. I was in the municipal stadium in Waterbury CT,took a small video on my phone but it does not do the light justice. I’ve been looking around the internet and I found alot of videos that are eeerily similar to the orangy orb….but the one in Russia takes the ticket…………i am completly in aww.

  11. I saw something very odd over Salt Lake City at 12:10am (July 27,2010) tonight while walking my dog along 11th Avenue. I just Googled: “orange triangle light glow over salt lake city tonight disappears” which led me to your site. I thought I would find others who saw this. If I thought it was going to disappear like that I would have taken a picture.

    Well to the right of the full moon from my perspective, maybe 20 degrees, I just noticed a very strange orange flame like light that appeared to be heading North toward the Avenues. I presumed it was odd colored forward lights to a plane flying low in the Valley. It was odd from the start. It was like a triangle in the center surrounded by a flaming orange with almost a tail of the same flaming orange. I stared at it for 2 minutes expecting it to eventually make sense. But it didn’t. It didn’t move much really. Never any noise. I was expecting and listening for an engine noise that never came.

    Then it started to fade. I thought it was turning away, but then it faded, still visible but smaller. Then it totally dissappeared. I thought maybe it went behind a cloud. But there were no clouds in the sky in that area at all.

    In total I witnessed this for about two minutes. And at arms length, it would have taken a full fingernail to cover it up.

    The Orange balls of light I see here described by others in other areas sound very similar.

  12. Possible explainations of what I saw in Salt Lake City at 12:10am on July 27.

    My thoughts in Salt Lake City 24 hours later:

    I’ve tried to make sense of what I saw last night and came up with two plausible theories.

    The first, which I have disqualified is that I was witnessing a reentry by the Space Shuttle at a much greater distance than I originally perceived and at an angle more or less directly toward my position.

    The second, is that I was watching some sort of burning balloon. I had this notion in my mind tonight and then saw some you tube videos on Chinese lanterns. If that is what I saw, it was quite large and was either on fire entirely, or was supporting an enormous flame before burning out. This does however explain the orange flame color, the lack of sound, the slow movement, and the ultimate disappearance if it were to burn itself out.

    Still, I wish someone would confirm they saw what I saw last night, or someone would confess to launching the thing. Like I say, I saw it for two minutes before it disappeared. It could have been there much longer before I noticed it upon admiring the full moon.

  13. Witnessed the exact same thing tonight while visiting mystic Connecticut. Six Orange orb like objects, four of which were flying in formation, in a straight line than all just randomly disappearing .. Wish I would have taken pictures, but I just wanted to watch them, didn’t want to miss them while getting my camera. I am hoping to read something in the paper or see something on the news… Was very strange though, definitely something I have never seen before..

  14. Sept 5Th Poughquag NY

    Around 9:00 PM

    I’m sitting around my fire ring in the back yard with my wife and two friends kicking back and commenting on what an absolute beautiful night it is with a crystal clear sky and minutes later I see an orange ball of light zip through the sky right above the tree tops from where I was sitting. I jumped up and ran across the yard as it disappeared at the tree line trying to follow it through the sky, but it was gone behind the trees. I said “Did you see that” to everyone, but they had their backs to it at the time. I said it was a orange ball with a long comet like tail that just zipped through the sky, a half hour later I said “you did see me get up and run across the yard, Right?” as I was beginning to maybe second guess myself.

    My house is often in the approach lane for Stewart airport and I observed some big jets later in the evening and clocked them through the same tree line to tree line that I witnessed the object cover and although I realize the distance from the object is a big part of the equation I can say that orange ball was 30X the speed of other plane in the sky that night. I just had to look online and see if anyone else saw what I saw, and sure enough on the same night at about the same time there is a report on from Kingston, NY which is 50 minutes from my house about an orange ball in the sky.

    What a trip!, thanks for giving me a place to tell my story.

  15. I just saw ONE GIANT object glowing yellow-orange, as if it were on fire… i originally thought it was 300 feet or so above our heads at first. although it seemed to be moving upwards and traveled across the sky in less than a minute. a ICBM perhaps? We all survived. 4 of us saw it… We all agreed for the most part although the Air force Vet amongst us seemed okay to call it a UFO and move on… this thing was erie!!!! my first contact with ALIENS perhaps/??/ i also googled what i saw to find this site…maybe i should call the police…

  16. Saw 5 or 6 orange dots moving arcoss the sky around 12 at nite then 2 mins later 4 more appered and also moved across the sky then disappeared 4 at a time or so, at first i thought it was a airplane but it made no noise and the light didnt not blik, jus a steady orange light… i was outside of a club so 15 ppl also saw it. in Palm Bay Fl


  18. I live in Sri Lanka and just saw the EXACT same thing Colin above is describing.
    I’m not normally the one for any of the conspiracy-theory stuff, so I’m not posting it with that line in mind – I wonder if anyone could explain this (an atmospheric phenomenon, maybe)?

    Quote: “each object had an indefinite shape, in terms of illumination. however, there was a bright red-to-orange glow of fire towards the front of whatever was traveling. the shape of whatever the object’s true borders or mass were basically obscured by the fire-like glow and intensity of whatever seemed to be occuring at it’s most forward-area.
    an… inconsistent, fire-esque pattern
    …the glowing strange object-fire seemed to put itself out and disappear.
    roughly a minute later, an exact replica of what i just described occured exactly at the first one’s starting point”

    I also saw two of them, within a minute or two of each other, starting roughly at the same point low in the evening sky.
    One went towards the clouds and gradually faded/seemingly extinguished, the other one went toward the ground.

    I was suggested by a pilot it might be a plane, but the glow is far too bright, inconsistent and orangey for a jetliner light (or a fighter engine, even on afterburner – I’ve seen enough airplanes to judge).
    Besides, it moved eratically and fairly slowly (and no jet engine will give you that strong a glow at that distance).

    It would best be described as plasmatic, it basically looked like a slowly floating/rising/falling fireball.
    When I take the distance and estimated altitude in account, they must have been either quite big or really bright to show that well.
    Anyone has any ideas?

  19. first off im an amateur astronomer with the litchfield hills amateur astronomy club for 36 years,i and members of my club have seen some strange things in the sky over those years but have found explanations for nearly all of them online, all but this most recent sighting.

    an orange red glowing light appeared in the sky one night and i observed it through a pair of steiner 80mm binoculars there was a shado behind it which resembled the hubcap of a 1965 rambler (cone shaped) i watched it for several minuites and it didnt seem to move much if at all, so i took the next step.

    i brought out my research grade argon blue laser, its a 3200nm beam and runs off 240 volts at 50 amps i aimed it using my hands like aiming a rifle and fired a steady shot at it, withing about 10 seconds the objects light went dim almost faint, flew backwards at incredible speed and shot up into space at what looked like sublight speed, i had the beam on it the whole time it disappeared.

    whatever it was,, it wasnt from this earth, cause we dont have anything that could “bug out” that fast. next time i see it, im going to burn it from the sky!

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