Orange Balls Of Light Over Russellville Arkansas

OK This is July 3rd 2010 and my self and 3 other people just watched a couple of orange balls cross through the sky and then fade. I was sent the link to this site after posted what I seen to facebook. Really weird. I am in Russellville Ar.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Balls Of Light Over Russellville Arkansas

  1. July 3rd, 2011. Watching fireworks. See a orange ball floating above the trees…moving slowly at first…solid light no sound. Speeds up a little. Disappears for about five seconds and reappears. Disappears about a minute later. Russellville, AR.

  2. we just saw 2 bright balls of light over Bryant, AR tonight July 4th they were going rather fast, then stopped and hovered in air and then both went in opposite directions. After that we saw about 4 more in the other direction and they would hover in the air for 5-7 mins then disappear

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