Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pennsylvania

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I just saw the same thing in easton Pennsylvania on july 3rd 2010 it didnt seem like they were moving at first until I acutally stopped to look at them nd notice that they were moving in a loose formation with a big group in the front nd a small group in the back

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26 thoughts on “Orange Ball Of Light UFOs Over Pennsylvania

  1. Saw these too last night at about 10:20 over the Easton hospital. I was heading east and saw two triangular formations of orange lights hovering a good distance above Easton hospital. As I stopped at the light on 25th st I looked up and noticed that they were moving. As I turned north onto 25th I lost visual contact and when I looped back around all trace was gone

  2. I saw one earlier tonight/last night since its early morning and this was in an urban area outside of Reading and me friends were looking for a place to watch fireworks as there were many obstructions and then a few seconds before that I saw this bright thing I didn’t know what it was (I think it might have been a planet) but a few seconds after that I noticed the object I tried to take a picture and my phone is horrible so it wasn’t that good of a picture.

  3. On July 4th at about 9:00p.m. I observed a bright orange ball of light in the sky moving from west to south east at about the speed of a small plane. I am in Lehighton, Pa. and was just getting out my car to partake of the fireworks event at Baer Memorial Park in the town. It continued southeast and than dissappeared. I overheard other people commenting about it and wondered what it might be.

  4. We were at the Benton Bluegrass Festival on Saturday night, July3rd, 2010 at about 10:00 PM when I noticed a bright yellow light moving in from the north. I thought it was a helicopter at first but then ruled that out. There were about 5 other people there with me and I finally asked, “What in the heck is that thing”? We all watched it move in rather slowly at maybe 1000′ – 2000′ up when it stopped and just went straight up till it had completely disappeared. We all saw it, but no one had any idea what we had just seen.

  5. On July 3rd around 9:45 pm My mom and I saw two orangish yellow lights moving west to east across Lake Winola Pa . it moved about the speed of an airplane and then disappeared

  6. on july 14 2010 i was on a plane from houston to laguarida ny.
    around 7:45pm i saw a huge light above the plane,,,it was bright orange and it had black smoke in the center.
    i looked at the lady next to me, we both saw but didnt know what it was…..i think it was an ufo
    the light was very strong and very long like the trace of a ship in the sky

  7. My wife and I saw about 30 of these floating over Seattle on July 17th, 2010 at around 11:30pm…they seemed to twinkle into existence, float into Seattle from Eliot Bay area (we are in South Seattle, up on a hill and can see downtown from our house) and then ascended up into the clouds and disappeared. They were not flying fast, just seemed to float, like a balloon or flare or something. No idea what they were. Fireworks would not have kept lit for as long as these were floating, Chinese lanterns? maybe, but nothing in the news about them…UFOs? well, they are unidentified, but I sincerely doubt they were anything extraterrestrial…weird.

  8. Its about 11:20pm july 27 2010. I live in Champlain NY. I was just watching tv and i caught the same description of an orange bright ball in the sky out of the corner of my eye. It looked like a big fire ball but it disappeared as soon as i saw it. I went outside hoping to see it again but i haven’t yet. which is why i turned to the internet trying to find out what it was.

  9. was walking back from the beach in ocean city maryland about 10 pm aug 6th. my husband was holding our 2 yr old daughter above his shoulder looking backwards towards the beach when she starts talking about a star and we turned around to look. we see coming from north to south (de/pa area-maryland) , directly across our line of vision, like horizontally in the sky like this line —— . we only had to turn our heads upwards slightly and we saw just one huge orange ball of fire moving across the sky. this was the biggest thing we have seen in the sky besides the sun or moon. it was bigger then an airplane or planet it was about the size of the point of a crayon and we watched for about 10 seconds before it faded and disappeared completely. we thought it was a meteor and were amazed that we got to see that when we turned the corner another one appeared out of nowhere and looked to be coming right towards us that is from east to west i believe, before making a turn seemingly to go the same way as the first one. we watched about 5 sec until that one also disappeared. we continued walking and looking up to the sky when we noticed another one, again just appear out of nowhere. this one also disappeared but i couldn’t watch it because i’m too short and we were behind houses so i can’t really estimate on how long that one was visable for. anyways found out meteors move really fast and this was very slow and very huge so i guess i’m just sharing my story since i don’t see anyone finding answers here, but now its going to bug me forever. i’ve seen wierd unexplained things before but nothing like that.

  10. On July 10, 2010, in Stahlstown, PA, I witnessed approx. 16-20 HUGE glowing orange/red orbs that floated over my home about 1,000 ft. in the air. No sound, bright as the sun, looked approx. 30 ft. in diameter, hovered and then all went directly off into space. It lasted about 10 minutes. MUFON came to my home to interview me. Concensus was that they were UFO’s. I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in my life, but, of COURSE, everyone simply razzes me about it and thinks I am “crazy”…I now tell NO ONE about it except for out on the internet due to other people sighting the same thing.

  11. in plymouth, pa i was sitting on my front porch and i saw the same orange ball of light! it lasted for about 5 minutes and it went straight across the sky and disappeared. around the same time last year me and my husband saw 4 at separate times during the 4th of july around 3 in the morning. ive been doing research and i havent really found anything. whatever it/they are theyve been visiting quite alot.

      1. Why did you not attempt to murder it?! My goodness you fool now it can continue to search earth for invasion spots! Begin training for you allowed an alien apocalypse! Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston!

  12. July 2nd 2011 around 10:15pm EST We were on my parents pontoon boat fishing at Lake Meade, PA along with friends rafting together with their pontoon boat. When my brother saw a bright amber/orange/red glowing ball of light coming from the South West across to the North East. There wasn’t any wind and it continued a straight horizontal path without changing course or speed. Took about 2-3 minutes to pass over us. We continued to fish for about another hour when we got caught in a torrential downpour. So everyone brought in their lines and we raced back to the docks with docking lights on so we could see through the rain. As we approached the docks hovering above us was again this ball of light.

  13. I just saw this 20 minutes ago in Pennsylvania – there were about seven all in a perfectly straight row, flying against the wind. They just disappeared into a cloud. They were moving only slightly slower than a plane, but there was no sound at all.

  14. I saw an orange fireball on July 2 around 920pm as I was driving home from a trip to the Selinsgrove Mall. It was hovering high above Sunbury, Pa. Never seen anything like it and reported it to MUFON and another agency. Wish I’d had a camera with me that night- totally weird thing to see…it was HUGE.

  15. To Rachel; sounds just like what I saw- it made no sound. I received a call from one UFO investigator who listened to my story — he said one explanation could be Chinese lanterns– they are popular around the holidays -but you saw your ufo during a non holiday timing– I think we’re all seeing the same thing…mine did as yours did, just dissapeared.

  16. Schwenksville PA. Last night I went out my front door around 10:00pm to walk my dog, I looked up over my neighbors house and there was one large yellow ball of moving light. I ran back into my house grabbed my phone and got some short video of it. The light began to fade and eventually was out of my view. My neighbor was pulling up from work and also saw it. My other neighbor is a pilot and he said it was just stuff entering our atmosphere….I’m don’t know.

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  17. First time I saw these “red balls of fire” I was driving on the highway last week. Thought it could be a plane but wasn’t sure. Last night I saw the same thing but 5 this time they were HUGE! There were other people around me who saw the same thing. After a few minutes these things just flew up and disappeared. Then there were only two left then they aventually disappeared too. It’s weird how they just hover and then disappear. I’m not sure what to think just yet or what I will call them but I do know I’ve seen them twice already. I’m thinking we will all see this and eventually it’ll be on the news if it isn’t already. There is something going on and I don’t like it. Also, this occurred in Reading, Pa. Berks county. August 10, 2013. At about 11:30 – 12:00 on a Saturday night.

    1. My goodness! The balls of fire are none other than the atmospheric beasts! They are trying to signal to the bigfeet spieces and the Devil of the land of Newport to begin the land invasion and the ogopogo as well as various sea serpants to attack the seas. We must train and fight. Huzzah I am Winston, John Winston.

  18. Lsst night 9/5/13 at 8:58, I know the time because I took video of it with my phone. I was walking my dog on south side Easton. I was on Milton St right if front of the park when I looked up and saw what at first appeared to be a hot air ballon since I saw fire. Then I realized this was moving way too fast for that and it was way too high in the sky. It moved about the speed of an airplane and in a straight line so it was something falling into our atmosphere from space. I watched it until it very suddenly just disappeared. I never believe in these kinds of things…I hope I hear some logical explanation for it.

  19. Last night at work around 8:30 PM it was very dark because there were storm clouds in the sky, my mom saw 3 lights in the sky, they remained still in the same place, she went inside and when she came out with the next dog (we work at a kennel) she brought to my attention that there were now 23 of these strange looking lights they were in no particular formation, I asked if there was any sort of vigil or anything which might send Chinese lanterns up or something of that nature, but no explanation, about 2-3 mins into watching them (I took video with my phone) they seemed to form a perfectly straight line and speed up disappearing once they got behind a big black cloud, 4 remained almost still until the rest were gone and then formed their own line and went pretty quickly the same path as the others…

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